Thursday, March 12, 2015

Local 4-H clubs hold 2015 District Speeches and Presentations events

Pincher Creek and District 4-H members at District Speeches event
Myra Hammond photo
Pincher Creek and District 4-H members at District Presentations event
Myra Hammond photo
Chris Davis/Myra Hammond

Pincher Creek and  District 4-H Clubs held their District Speeches and District Presentations last week.  District Speeches were held at the Lion's Den and District Presentations were held at the Lutheran Church.

Those in first and second place (third is alternate) are eligible to move on to Regional Communications in Lethbridge, where they will compete against members from clubs across Southern Alberta.

District Speeches results:


First : Kiera Hinch, Chinook Multi Club
 "The Runaway Bull"

Second-Laura Parisis, Chinook Multi Club


First-Ellie Stauffer, Foothills Beef Club
"Remember to Breathe"

Second: Alexandra Russell, Silver Reins Light Horse Club
"A War With Words"

Third: Jillanna Hammond, Chinook Multi Club
"Things Change"


First: Liam Hinch, Chinook Multi Club
"Domestic Abuse in the NFL"

Second: Kyla Lewis, Foothills Beef Club
"The Spark"

Third: Taylor Wells, Foothills Beef Club
"Range Maggots"

District Presentations results:

First:  Jaxon Hammond  "A Story of Change"
Second:   Danielle Hann  "Doctoring Hoof Abscesses"
Alternate:  Cadence Sinnott  “Tap Dancing”

First:    Kim Turnbull and Jessie Terpstra “Our 3 Favorite Horse Breeds”
Second:   Sommer Hagley “Structure of a Stick Man”
Alternate:  Tim Jorgensen  "Rocks"

District Presentations:

Mathias Lynch-Staunton
Matthias Lynch Staunton gave an interesting presentation that explained the various forms of mountain biking, titled "Rocks, Wood and Dirt".   It was obvious that he is an enthusiast with a great deal of knowledge about the subject.

Sommer Hagley
Sommer Hagley made good use of humor in her demonstration of the "Structure of a Stick Man", which earned her Intermediate Second place.  "Stick men don't have hands.  They don't need them."

Jaxon Hammond
Jaxon Hammond's "A Story of Change" earned him Junior First place.  His presentation was about his We Day experiences and "We Bake For Change" fundraising initiative, which raised $331, $250 of which was allocated to Free the Children, and $82 of which went to the Pincher Creek food bank.  "It's good to know we helped people there and here," he said.  "One kid can make a difference."

Megan Hurst
Megan Hurst's "Dance" explained different kinds of dance, the different kinds of footwear required for them, and included a video of her performing a hip-hop solo.  She's been dancing for 8 years, went to Disneyland recently to dance, and will be going to New York to dance on Broadway this summer.  How exciting is that!

Johnny Terpstra and Kelly Turnbull
Johnny Terpstra and Kelly Turnbull's "Charoloais and Herefords" explained the various kinds of cattle, how calving works, diet and how cattle stomachs work, and also included an explanation from each of them as to why Herefords (Johnny) and Charolais (Kelly) were their favourite breeds.

Tim Jorgensen
Tom Jorgenson's "Rocks"  examined different types of rocks, how they're formed, the composition of the earth's crust, and why rocks look the way they do.  Full of some very dry information, his presentation came to an unexpected big finish with a picture of Dee Snider on the screen and Tim in a shock wig hollering "I wanna rock!"  He was named the Intermediate Alternate.

I wanna rock!

Cadence Sinnott
Cadence Sinnott's lively "Tap Dancing" presentation earned her Junior Alternate.  She explained the history of tap, including the interesting fact that it was used to relay messages before transforming into an entertainment art form. She began dancing at 5 years old at Turning Pointe in Lethbridge.

Jessie Terpstra and Kim Turnbull
Kim Turnbull and Jessie Terpstra's "Our Favorite Horse Breeds" was part skit and part education.  The presentation was very detailed, they worked well together, and both like quarter horses, partly because they both have them and also because "they make for a great project".  They earned First Intermediate for their efforts.

Danielle Hann
Danielle Hann's "Doctoring Hoof Abscesses" was  a serious presentation about a serious topic.  She said she became interested in the subject after two of her mother's horses had abscesses.  Well researched and well demonstrated, she earned Second Junior for her efforts.  She's a third-year 4-H member.

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