Sunday, March 15, 2015

Parent Link announces new Executive Director LaVonne Rideout

Parent Link Executive Director LaVonne Rideout
T. Lucas photo
Toni Lucas

"Parent Link (PL) is a great resource for children and families," said Parent Link's new Executive Director LaVonne Rideout.  "It is a wonderful place to get connected, especially if you're new to the community to get connected to other parents with children typically of the same age."  Rideout said that she is open to new ideas and would like to hear from the community as to their needs with their children.  "It's already a phenomenal program, and we want to continue the great work that's going on.  What I'm hearing from parents though, is they would just like more.  That's one of my goals, how do we build capacity, and sustaining what we've got."

She said PL offers networking, resources, programs, and child development assessments including ASQ, the ages and stages questionnaire.   They run the Positive Parenting Program along with various other programs.

"I have heard mentioned from people that we are their little bit of sanity in their day,"  Rideout said.  She has been working with families and children of over 30 years.  "It's definitely my passion." She last worked with the Early Childhood Mapping Project and Child and Family Services.  "I was part of the initiative to bring Parent Links into Alberta, originally. So I have a big-picture perspective on it."

 Rideout said she has met with the team at Pincher Creek Parent Link, and is delighted to be working with this group of people.  "They have great ideas as well, and I would like to give them the opportunity to be creative and share their passion too."

"I'm very excited to be given the opportunity to do this, and the opportunity to do this in Pincher Creek which is such a phenomenal community."

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