Monday, April 27, 2015

Shelterbox campaign to help Nepalese earthquake victims

Rotary International

A devastating earthquake hit the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal on April 25, 2015.  Hundreds were killed and thousands injured. The survivors face cold, rainy weather, but can't risk returning to their damaged homes. They need shelter.

ShelterBox already has some materials in Nepal and immediately deployed a Response Team. See for the latest information.

ShelterBox is the official Project Partner of Rotary International. It is the best Rotary-way to make a very clear and tangible difference for survivors now and in the coming weeks. Rotary individuals and clubs can help ShelterBox to deliver tents and other essentials to the families most in need.

There are several easy ways to make a donation:
Note from ShelterBox Canada Chair Kent Fraser -"To provide the fast response critical in a disaster, ShelterBox aid is shipped as quickly as possible, often from pre-positioned stocks. Some of our D5360 contributions will arrive once much of the aid has already been delivered and therefore may be used to replenish stocks so we can respond just as quickly to the next disaster. So, at this time we cannot guarantee that all contributions will be used for Nepal. There is a possibility that we will change to committing these funds entirely to Nepal if the need far exceeds current stocks."

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