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2015 Foothills and Timber Trails 4-H Beef and Sheep Achievement Day Show and Sale

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's Horseshoe Pavilion was the site of the 2015 Foothills and Timber Trails 4-H Beef Clubs' Achievement Day on Monday, May 25. The club members showed their animal projects, including market animals. This year they auctioned both beef and sheep projects.

The day began with an introduction of the two clubs, including the introduction of the Cleaver Kids category for children aged 6-8, followed by the Cattle Show, the Lamb Show, and supper provided by Back Country Butchering. After supper the Grand Champion steer was chosen, followed by the steer and lamb sale.

At the end of the day the members that are graduating this year were brought forward to thank them for their service and wish them well in their future.

Timber Trails (in blue) and Foothills Beef Club members

Cleaver Kids
This annual event is the highlight of a year's worth of hard work by the 4-H members. In addition to the judges and buyers, this year the event was toured by Canyon School Grade 6 students who are classmates of Foothills Beef Club member Justin Schoening. They had the chance to watch showing and judging and had an educational tour through the project holding and preparation area, followed by a question and answer session with MD of Pincher Creek councillor Fred Schoening.

MD councillor Fred Schoening talks with Canyon School students

Canyon School grade 6 students
During the showing the kids were judged by Grant Hirsche, Keltie Whelan and Marion Van Sluys. They gave the kids a lot of tips and suggestions to help them in the future.  This event has a great deal of support from individual volunteers, sponsors, and donators.  *Shell Waterton presented a cheque during the sale for $10,000.00 that is to benefit all 5 of the clubs in the Pincher Creek district.The sales of the individual animals goes to the club member, with a 'scholarship steer' sold from each club going to help fund club members who are graduating. 

Graduating: Abby Zur, Natisha Moulsen, Britnie Zur, Cooper Zur, and Kyla Lewis
Timber Trails General Leader Monica Moulson said "It went well, we're very, very pleased. This is the culmination of their efforts." Four of the Timber Trails Club members graduate and move on. Each person who is graduating from grade 12 gets a cheque from the club, and that amount is increased if they are continuing their education. "Most of these kids have been with the club between six and nine years."

Foothills Beef Club has 13 members, five whom had sheep and ten who had beef animals. "This is the big event of the year, today went really well, said the club's General Leader Adam Schoening.  "I'm really proud of all the members, they did a great job with all their animals, it's a lot of work for them."

Breeding Project Show Results


Ellie and Merrick Stauffer
Sarah Kirby
Stuart Lewis

Champion Yearling Heifer: Merrick Stauffer
Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer: Ellie Stauffer
Grand Champion 2 Year Old Cow/Calf: Ellie Stauffer
Reserve Champion 2 Year Old Cow/Calf: Sarah Kirby
Champion 3 Year Old Cow/Calf: Stuart Lewis
Reserve Champion 3 year old cow/calf: Tisha Moulson
Supreme Champion Female: Ellie Stauffer
Reserve Champion Female: Sarah Kirby
Grand Champion Showman: Merrick Stauffer
Reserve Champion Showman: Bruce Kirby

Market Steer Show results

Mathias Lynch-Staunton
Class 1: Timber Trails Junior
Champion Steer: Mathias Lynch-Staunton
Reserve: Dannielle Hann
1st in Showmanship: Brady Rast
2nd in Showmanship: Mathias Lynch-Staunton

Class 2: Foothills Intermediate

Erica Mackenzie with brother Deloy presenting
Champion Steer: Erica Mackenzie
Reserve Steer: Sarah Kirby
1st in Showmanship:  Ellie Stauffer
2nd in Showmanship: Tisha Moulson

Class 3: Timber Trails Intermediate

Hailey Grove
Champion Steer: Hailey Grove
Reserve Steer: Megan Hurst
1st in Showmanship: Haily Grove
2nd in Showmanship: Megan Hurst

Class 4: Foothills Senior

Bruce Kirby
Champion Steer: Bruce Kirby
Reserve Steer: Tom Welsch
1st in Showmanship: Deloy Mackenzie
2nd in Showmanship: Merrick Stauffer

Class 5: Timber Trails Senior

Ryan Grove
Champion Steer: Ryan Grove
Reserve Steer: Tisha Moulson
1st in Showmanship: Abby Zur
2nd in Showmanship: Tisha Moulson

Class 6: Foothills Club Champion Showmanship

Deloy Mackenzie
1st in Showmanship: Deloy Mackenzie
2nd in Showmanship: Merrick Stauffer

Class 7: Timber Trails Club Champion Showmanship

Abby Zur
1st in Showmanship: Abby Zur
2nd in Showmanship: Tisha Moulson

Class 8: Interclub Showmanship

Grand Showmanship: Deloy Mackenzie
Reserve Showmanship: Abby Zur

Class 9: Champion Foothills Steer

Grand Champion Steer: Erica Mackenzie
Reserve Champion Steer: Bruce Kirby

Class 10: Champion Timber Trails Steer

Grand Champion Steer: Hailey Grove
Reserve Champion Steer: Ryan Grove

Class 8: Interclub Champions

Grand Champion Steer: Erica Mackenzie
Reserve Champion Steer: Bruce Kirby



Taylor Wells
Grand Champion Ewe: Kassi Wells
Reserve Champion Ewe: Taylor Wells

Market Lamb

Cadence Sinnott
Grand Champion Lamb: Cadence Sinnott
Reserve Champion Lamb: Taylor Wells

Cleaver Kids
Cayde Clark
Caleb Clark
Rowan Mackenzie
Lincoln Sinnott
Coulson Stauffer

Timber Trails Beef Club

Danielle Hann
Mathias Lynch-Staunton
Brady Rast
Megan Hurst
Haily Grove
Tisha Moulson
Cooper Zur
Britnie Zur
Abby Zur
Ryan Grove

Foothills Beef Club
Erica Mackenzie
Ellie Stauffer
Sarah Kirby
Justin Schoening
Merrick Stauffer
Tom Welsch
Bruce Kirby
Kyla Lewis
Stuart Lewis
Deloy Mackenzie
Taylor Wells
Kassi Wells
Cadence Sinnott

Photos by T. Lucas and C. Davis

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

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