Friday, May 22, 2015

Confounded by construction

Tammy Yard

I am very frustrated by the construction that is happening on James Avenue, and the process of notification to the surrounding neighbors.

The one that came in the mail about the demolition and subsequent construction from the Town was not very detailed.  The neighbor did deliver a notice that the Cul-de-sac would be closed on Tuesday, May 19 and to park any vehicles south of Dundas from 7:00 am.

I arranged to be out of town during this time period.  I arrived back home Wednesday, at 3 pm and still did not have access to  the street that I live on.  This was especially frustrating as I had done a large shopping trip for food before I arrived home, and found out I would have to haul my shopping from a distance.  I work nights and understand that I have to try to sleep while others are doing day to day things like mowing their lawns, and construction.

However I believe that it is a reasonable expectation to park my vehicle at my own property.

A frustrated resident

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