Monday, May 25, 2015

Great turnout for Napi gaming tournament

Toni Lucas

The Napi Friendship Centre in Pincher Creek was dark on Friday May 22, and filled with the sounds of shooting and yelling with the occasional bright flash starkly illuminating a sea of faces.  Approximately 25 people were there to participate in the the "Call of Duty Black Ops II' Tournament, the first video gaming event that Napi has hosted. Youth Outreach Workers Hope Grier-Stewart and Leland English viewed it as a triumph.   At any given time there were 8 kids playing as the rest cheered them on,  critiqued the action, and visited with each other.

Grier-Stewart was hoping for a turn out of at least 10 kids, and the much larger participation was gratifying.  "This is awesome," he said.  "I've never seen it so packed with kids like this before and I worked here three summers."  English was very happy to see the kids having fun and getting to know each other.  The social event allowed the kids to do something they enjoy with other kids from the community that share the same interests.   Grier-Stewart said that with the success of this round they will try to organize a monthly tournament going forward.

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