Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hats off to Halton grads from Councillor Lorne Jackson

2015 Matthew Halton High School graduands
T. Lucas photo

Town of Pincher Creek Councillor Lorne Jackson made the following address at the May 23 ceremony celebrating the 2015 graduands of Matthew Halton High School. Jackson is also A graduate of MHHS.

To all honoured guests, parents and families of the grads, as well as teachers, and students; I am very pleased to bring greetings to you today. Also to the graduands themselves, I bring special congratulatory wishes from the town of Pincher Creek. Having the distinction of being the parent of one of our Halton grads myself this year, I feel great pride and more than a little sadness as I stand here. Of course any parent will tell you that the pride need not be explained. My sadness however stems from the fact that since Joey is the youngest of our kids to complete high school, I'm now left with the sole responsibility of simply becoming old.

It has been our great privilege to watch this class grow over the years to become the wonderful young adults that they are. Throughout all of that time, Cindy and I have had the opportunity to get to know many of you on a personal level. We have been impressed throughout; enough so to say that if that is even the slightest indication of the future of generation Z, then I believe our generation will all be in MORE than capable hands. For that, I thank you in advance.

Along with the pride and sadness that I described, I'm a LITTLE embarrassed to say that you can can probably throw some envy into that mix. That's because as of right now, at this moment in time, you have the whole world just beyond your fingertips. With the right amount of want and determination you have all the tools you need to reach the rest of the way to grab it and help mold our planet in a positive way. My only ask is that you continue to allow US to live vicariously through your eyes (oh, and please try to visit as often as you can). Although I know how strong the attraction of large urban living can be, at some point with our connected existence and the opportunities that are becoming ever more available due to working remotely, perhaps some of you will one day see the value of raising a family of your own right here in our beautiful community. It goes without saying how welcome and wonderful that would be for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was not expecting to make this address today, but owing to prior commitments for some members of council, plus the absence of others this weekend, I decided to to say just a few words in their stead. So in light of that, I'll not bore you any further than to say to our grads on behalf of council, our administrative and office people, as well as all other employees, and especially all residents of of the town of Pincher Creek; our hats are off to you on a job well done, and we wish nothing but the best of luck and happiness now and forever. Thank you.

- Lorne Jackson

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