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Matthew Halton High School Graduating Class of 2015

2015 Matthew Halton High School Graduands
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Matthew Halton High School Graduating Class of 2015 includes 40 students moving into the next phase of their life as young adults.  They celebrated and were celebrated on Saturday, May 23 with a Cap and Gown Ceremony in the morning, then a photo session followed by a dinner and formal ceremonies in the afternoon and evening. The students looked amazing dressed in formal gowns and suits, looking Oscar ready for their theme of 'Night at the Movies'.

Mrs. Hilary Matheson acted as the Mistress of Ceremonies during the evening. She reminded the graduands that this is a big day, but they have far to go. "Our hope is that you will continue to learn, live, love, and laugh. We want to to achieve your dreams, pursue your goals." She reminded the students that Pincher Creek is their home, and that they will be welcome. "Best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors."

Mr. Duane Petluk
Mr. Duane Petluk was the guest speaker. He starting teaching at Mathew Halton High School the same year as this graduating class entered grade 7. He taught almost all the students on the stage in either Drama, English, or both. He has since moved on to teach in Fort Macleod and returned as the guest speaker. "You guys were so nice to me that year. I had the best four year length with these kids," he said, adding that this group was spirited, imaginative and brave. He ran a slideshow featuring the students and gave a little anecdote about each individual, including little digs, reminders of incidents that were funny and filled with warm memories.  Many of the anecdotes related to a play that many were involved with based on 'The Paper Bag Princess (click here for that story)."

During his address Mr. Petluk led the students on stage through a relaxation exercise that he had likely used in his class before. This time he had them close their eyes and visualize fond happy and successful moments throughout their education, starting from kindergarten on to junior high, and then high school. He asked them to visualize the people who cared for them, and surrounded them, and helped them to succeed in preparing for this day. "Finally, imagine you are in a room. The room is packed with people that cared for you over the years. This room is jammed with the people who have loved you and supported you over all of the years. This room is absolutely crammed with the people that have helped you to get to ready to take the leap out of high school and into the wide open world. And right now the people in this room are on their feet and they're cheering for you." Although Petluk did continue to speak inviting the students to open their eyes his words were drowned out by the cheering from the audience, and many of the students were visibly moved. He ended by thanking the students for choosing to invite him. "I want you to go out there and make us all proud."

Miss Haxstyn Peters
Miss Alexandra Morgan
There were musical interludes performed by vocalists Miss Alexandra Morgan and Miss Haxstyn Peters. Miss Kate Nicas entertained the crowd at the piano after the class prophecy, during which Miss Tessa Pitt and Mr. Riley Belcher amused everyone with extrapilations of what their classmates will achieve in the future. Graduation President Miss Janet Taylor and Miss Kyla Lewis spoke more seriously about the past, and the future they are moving into. They reminded everyone that this graduation is a special achievement, and opens the door to all of their futures. There was a slideshow presented by Mr. Christopher Dupuis that reminded them of their past as they move into that future.

After the formal ceremonies, Recessional, and Walk About there was a dance, and more than a few tears and laughs were shared, particularly during the parents dance.

2015 Matthew Halton High School Graduands
Justin Albert
Riley Belcher
Jade Crowshoe
Maggie Crowshoe
Lucky David
Joey Duffield
Christopher Dupuis
Lauren Fisher
Adecia Fox
Chase Healy
Joey Jackson
Paul Johnson
Yun-Ha Jung
Lexie Lagrandeur
Kyla Lewis
William Lindfield
Teigan Lissel
Jobey Little Mustache
Peter Manners
Allistair Metcalfe
Samual Mitchell
Alexandra Morgan
Samantha Myles
Liam Nazarek
Kate Nicas
Joshua North Peigan
Jaiden Panchyshyn
Haxstyn Peters
Tessa Pitt
Trinity Ratzloff 
Jaydon Russell-Waye
Brendan Simpson
Jade Smith
Caelan Taylor
Janet Taylor
Raegan Tregillus
Madalyn Weatherill
Chaz Wilson
Daria Zareiciuc
Pavel Zareiciuc

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