Thursday, May 28, 2015

Parents warned to be aware of new sextortion tactic

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, through its program, wants to inform the public about a new tactic being used by those extorting youth online for money and/or sexual images/videos. has received numerous reports over the last year relating to sextortion, which involves offenders secretly recording teenagers exposing themselves on live streaming video, recording the acts and then using the recording to threaten distribution unless the teen pays money.
Around this same issue, there is a new tactic surfacing that involves the youth’s peer group. Threats are now being extended to other teenagers within the same social peer group. Friends are being shown the sexual image/video of their peer and being told that if they don’t share a sexual image of themselves, that the offender will distribute the already recorded sexual video/image of their friend. This tactic appears to be used to expand the number of teens being extorted for money which the tipline has seen range from $200 – $1,000.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is strongly encouraging parents to have a regular conversation with their teens around online safety. Parents should openly discuss the importance of their children coming forward if they or their peers are facing concerning online situations. They should also stress why it is critical to never comply with threats, as this only makes the situation worse. It is also important to discuss the risks associated to live streaming and agreeing to do something sexual online. We strongly encourage parents to take the time and learn about ways to increase teen’s safety online by visiting

Regards,, Canada’s tipline operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection

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