Monday, June 1, 2015

Pincher Creek Chinook 4-H Multi Club update

Cadence Sinnott

  • Market Hog Achievement Day June 1 at Horseshoe Pavilion
  • Multi Club Achievement Day June 7 at Heritage Acres

Cadence Sinnott

The 4-H motto is “Learn to do by doing” many people have developed new skills through 4-H by actually getting the hands on experience, not just reading about something or hearing about it, this is one of the reasons I really enjoy 4-H. At one of our recent meetings each member of our club had a turn giving an example of something in and out of 4-H that they learned to do by doing.

Highway Cleanup on May 2 went very well our club had a lot of fun doing this and celebrated , with pizza, right after. 4-H Members are also encouraged to keep record books and diaries up to date, this is a good life skill because it teaches you to not procrastinate and shows you the benefit of knowing exactly where you are at on a project.

I attended the Regional Judging Day is in Claresholm on April 9. There were kids from all over our region there. I like the judging workshops because they teach you to explain why you like or think something is better or higher quality etc. and it is fun to meet people from different clubs and hear about their projects.

Our club updates this month include:
  • Small Engines went over tool inventory, costs pages in the record books and helped each other on their projects. 
  • Poultry Pioneers toured a chicken farm and got eggs to raise as their own chicks.
  • Shooting Sports this month explained how they shot .22’s and talked about the correct stance, shot while standing and talked about using shotguns at the next meeting.
  • Pet Dog Club visited a dog groomer, to see what everything is about. She said it was a lot of work to groom a dog plus multiple little tricks involved. 
  • Outdoor Adventure reported they learned about surface water, to never drink it unless it’s been purified, and how to purify it. Then they hiked to the spring and concluded with tying knots. 
Multi Club Achievement Day will be June 7 at Heritage Acres, starting at 10:00 am.

Market Hog Achievement Day is June 1, the events of the day include:
  • Show – 2:00pm
  • Supper – 5:00pm
  • Sale – 7:00pm
We invite everyone to come out and view the livestock, have supper and learn more about 4-H!

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