Friday, May 22, 2015

Police Advisory Committee moves forward

Press release

On April 27th, Council for the Town of Pincher Creek formally approved the Terms of Reference for the new Police Advisory Committee and passed a second motion appointing Committee Members. These approvals formalize the process for receiving input from the community and the partnership between the community, the RCMP and local government.

The Town of Pincher Creek and the Detachment Commander of the local RCMP detachment recognize the value and benefit of the community policing concept which enhances the quality of life for residents.

The principle philosophy of the Police Advisory Committee is that “the police are the community and the community are the police”, a philosophy which is also reflected in the RCMP mission statement of providing a safe and secure community through community input. Committee members will not engage in police work but will be available in the community for citizens to approach to provide information and/or concerns around policing and public safety.

Specifically, the Committee will:
  • Advise the Detachment Commander on policing priorities identified through community input. 
  • Keep the Detachment Commander informed of emerging trends and issues within the community 
  • Make recommendations on community policing initiatives based on identified trends and issues, acknowledging cultural awareness 
  • provide regular reports to Council regarding the progress of the committee 

Every effort has been made to ensure that Police Advisory Committee reflects the demographics of the community served by the RCMP and provides liaison between Council, residents, community groups and the RCMP. All recommendations for membership must be reviewed and approved by the Detachment Commander and Council. Currently, the Committee roster, as defined in the Terms of Reference, includes 14 approved permanent member positions and 4 term member positions.

Community organizations and individuals that wish to appear before, or communicate directly with Council on any community policing matter, are encouraged to contact and make presentation to the Police Advisory Committee first for support and input. Those wishing to contact the Committee may do so by phoning 403-627-3156 or emailing

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