Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who Depends On You In 72? Work

Alberta Emergency Management Agency
It's Emergency Management Week.

Emergency Response Plans are the ‘people plans’ in an emergency. These plans focus on ensuring staff, visitors, and public safety are maintained during incidents such as a fires, evacuations, or severe weather events. For the Emergency Response Plan to be effective, all staff must be aware of and familiar with the procedures and their roles in an emergency. The planning starts with you! It is important that you prepare for emergencies at work.

There is no way to plan for every possible emergency, so plans should be developed using an all-hazards approach. This means a plan is made to be implemented in response to a wide variety of emergencies. Like all plans the document is a constantly changing entity. Your workplace Emergency Response Plan should ensure that certain checks and balances in place to keep the plan is as current and accurate as possible.

At Work Everyday
  1. Ensure your contact information is current. 
  2. Ensure that your Supervisor knows how to get in touch with you when you are not at the office. 
If an Emergency Occurs
  1. Know who your Floor Warden or designated safety authority is.
  2. Take care of your personal safety and follow the instructions of your Floor Wardens or designated safety authority. 
  3. Follow the instructions of any first responders who may be responding to your workplace incident.
During an Evacuation Alarm
  1. When alarms sound, take only your personal items with you (personal belongings refer to your coat, wallet or purse and any medication you require). You do not know how long you will be outside, and these items should be easily accessible to you. 
  2. Carry your ID and your employee badge with you as you exit the building. 
  3. Coffee cups and any containers with liquids must be left behind, as they pose a safety hazard in a crowded stairway.
  4. If you are physically unable to evacuate via the stairwells, please advise your Floor Warden and they will ensure a monitor is assigned to accompany you to the elevator lobby on your floor to await evacuation. Your location will be reported to the security desk by your Floor Warden.
  5. Once employees have evacuated the building, they should proceed to a mustering point and remain there until they have been told to disperse or return to work.

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