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2015 Pincher Creek 4-H Multi Club Achievement Day

2015 Pincher Creek 4-H Multi Club Achievement Day
T. Lucas photos except *

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek 4-H Multi Club Achievement Day was held on Sunday, June 7.  This club is called "Multi" because there are various projects and the kids choose what they want to be involved in from October to June.  The projects this year included:  Market hog, Shooting, Small Engine Repair, Outdoor Adventure, Canine, Poultry, and Pheasant.  The day began with a shooting demonstration, then moved to Heritage Acres where there was a demonstration of the small engine repair, and presentations from all the other projects.

Sack race
After presentations there were old fashioned games including a tug of war, a three legged race, a potato relay race, and a sack race, and the day ended with awards, and prizes. The spirit of the day wasn't about competition, but instead was about demonstrating a growth in personal skills and a pride in achieving personal goals.

2015 Chinook 4-H Multiclub members
Senior member Liam Hinch vs Junior members
It was a pleasure to witness the abundance of mutual support that this group of kids gives each other in their pursuit of those goals.

^ Shooting Sports members Justin Nelson, Taylor Deley, Logan Deley, and Tim Jorgensen (with leader Jeremy Nelson and assistant leader Jody Deley) shooting in a prone position, in a kneeling position, and in a standing position.
* Kelly Nelson photos

Shooting Project
Members: Taylor Deley, Tim Jorgensen, Justin Nelson, Logan Deley Leader: Jeremy Nelson, Assistant Leader: Jody Deley

The members had to pass firearms exams and show personal responsibility for the care and handling of a weapon.

Kiera Hinch gets her motor running

Small Engine Repair
Members:  Liam Hinch, Shawn Hammond, Kalvin Bruder, Jillanna Hammond, Kiera Hinch, Jaxon Hammond, Justin Nelson

Each member had a non-working small engine device they had obtained and had to repair during the year with the assistance of leaders Dixon Hammond and Jeremy Nelson.  The kids had to give a short explanation of an engine part to the crowd.  They had to start their engines.  To students personal relief every motor started, however all the kids had passed the club by starting their engines previously.  Hammond said all the kids had great perseverance with their projects.  "Patience is the biggest side of mechanics."

Christopher, Kim, and Eric LeBlanc
Members: Christopher and Eric LeBlanc, Leader Rena Fine, Assistant Leader Kellie LeBlanc

These two boys have raised heritage breed chickens.  They told the club about the care, feeding, health, and characteristics of their animals.

Outdoor adventure group
Outdoor Adventure
Members:  Justin Nelson, Laura Parisis, Kalvin Bruder, Brooke Hammond, Shawn Hammond, Jaxon Hammond with honourary members:  Rose and Nancy, Leader-Linda Hammond

These kids went on seven trips and learned about how to prepare for a hike, took a BearSmart class, how to identify safe water and purify water, how to start a fire, shelter building, and how to use a compass for orienteering.

Rose and Nancy from Szuchou, China

The Outdoor Adventure group had two honourary members:  Rose and Nancy have been visiting from China and had the chance to experience some of the beauty of southwestern Alberta.  They are two of six children visiting from Szuchou, China a city that has a population of 4.33 million in its city proper, and a total resident population as of 2013, of 10.58 million in its administrative area.

Kiera Hinch, led by  Myra Hammond and Kirk Hinch.  

Kiera gave a presentation about raising pheasants.  This is a spring and summer project through 4-H and Alberta Conservation Association.  She can sell her charges, or release them into the wild to help repopulate the birds in nature.  Parks Canada will pay up to $10 for every one that she releases.

Jillana Hammond on a potato run
Jillanna Hammond was led by Myra Hammond.  

Jillana gave a presentation on how to care, feed and train a dog.  Her presentation had statistics about lifespan of some breeds and she had interesting information about feed and when to take your dog to a veterinarian.
Inter-Club Market Hog Grand Champion Taylor Deley and Jeff Hammond

Chinook Multi-Club Market Hog Champion Cadence Sinnott and Jeff Hammond 
Market Hog  
Members:  Brooke Hammond, Jillanna Hammond, Maeran Hinch, Taylor Deley, Jaxon Hammond, Shawn Hammond, Kiera Hinch, Logan Deley, Cadence Sinnott, Dakota Grineage, Leader Jeff Hammond, Assistant Leader Tanya Zoratti

These kids had to raise, show, and sell a pig while keeping records on their animals.

Toni Lucas photos

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