Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gelber family excels at KOS provincial triathlon in Calgary

Mathias,  Bronwyn, Naoise, and Ronan Gelber at KOS
submitted photos
Toni Lucas

The provincial triathlon Kids Of Steel Championship Race (KOS) was held in Calgary on Sunday June 7th.  Among the participants were members of the Gelber family from Pincher Creek - Mathias, Ronan, Naoise, and Bronwyn,  ranging in age from 7 - 13.  Ronan and Mathias said they enjoy training together and competing.  Eldest brother Mathias explained the race.  "Distances vary from age group to age group, it just gets bigger.  The first thing you do is a swim, followed by bike, then a run."   Mathias, Ronan and Naoise came in first of their respective categories: Mathias Gelber - First, 12-13 year old men; Ronan Gelber  - First, 10-11 year old men, Naoise Gelber - First, 7 year old female.  Bronwyn placed in the top 15 of her age category of 11-12 year old female.

Ronan Gelber during swim/bike transition
Ronan said "Last year we did a Lethbridge one, and I won that, and this year we did Provincials in Calgary and I won again in ten and eleven. That happened last Sunday (June 7).  I feel pretty confident for future triathlons.  Next year, I'm planning on getting on the provincial team.  I'm not allowed this year, because I'm not in the right age group."

Mathias Gelber
"I won the 12-13 year olds Provincial Triathlons in Calgary," said Mathias.  "I'm pretty excited.  We're going to try to get on  the development team, at least that's my goal for the next two years.   Just so I can get more training in and maybe, eventually go to worlds.  I could do that in maybe four or five years."

Naoise Gelber
Bronwyn Gelber's finish
Mathias Gelber

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