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Livingstone High School Graduating Class of 2015

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Lundbreck's Livingstone High School held their 2015 Graduation ceremonies on May 1 at the Pincher Creek Community Hall.  Teachers Mr. Coady MacDonald and Mr. Alan Friesen acted as MCs for the event.  Speakers included Livingstone Range School Division (LRSD) Trustee Mrs. Clara Yagos, LRSD Deputy Superintendent Mr. Darryl Seguin, Principal Mr. Chad Jensen, and former Principal Mrs. Terri Donald.  Miss Hannah Penner gave the Valedictorian's Address, a slideshow was prepared by graduand Ms. Joanne Verbaas, and Scroll Presentations were performed by Mr. Chad Jensen and Mrs. Mary Krizan.

2015 Livingstone School Graduating Class

Noah Almond
Caleb Bachura
Liam Connelly-Engel
Theo Gee
Chandler Graf
Kei-ann Laitinen
Kyla McClung
Tisha Moulson
Sam Paton
Hannah Penner
Jessi Schalla
Kyla Scotton
Kaelynne Verbaas
Abby Zur
Britnie Zur
Cooper Zur

Abby Zur
Caleb Bachura and escort
Chaz Vance and Kyla Scotton
Cooper Zur and Tisha Moulsen
Cooper Zur
Daylan Larson and Kyla McClung
Former Principal Mrs. Terri Donald
Hannah Penner and escort
Hannah Penner
Jack Mitchell and Britnie Zur
Escorts Jack Mitchell and Liam Nazarek
Jessi Schalla

Kei-ann Laitinen and escort

Liam Connelly-Engel and escort
Master of Ceremonies Mr. Friesen
Principal Mr. Chad Jensen Principal
Noah Almond and Destinee Symon
Noah Almond
Sam Paton and escort
Theo Gee and escort

2015 Livingstone School Grade 12 Awards (as chosen by the class):
Best Hair - Tisha Moulson and Sam Paton
Best Dressed - Kyla Scotton
Best Smile - Kyla McClung
First one to make $1,000,000 - Britnie Zur and Kei-ann Laitinen
Best Sense of Humour - Cooper Zur
Best Lunches - Theo Gee
Most Artistic - Jessi Schalla
Most Athletic - Hannah Penner
Best Driver - Liam Connelly-Engel
Worst Driver - Caleb Bachura
Cleanest Locker - Abby Zur
Messiest Locker - Kaelynne Verbaas and Kei-ann Laitinen
Biggest Sweet Tooth - Chandler Graf
Best Musical Talent - Tisha Moulson
Most Helpful - Kaelynne Verbaas
Sleeps Most in Class - Noah Almond
Best Dancer - Kyla Scotton
Shyest - Hannah Penner
Most Outgoing - Abby Zur
Best at Technology - Theo Gee

*corrected for accuracy

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