Thursday, July 30, 2015

Citzen Al Erfle brings spray park concerns to town council

Toni Lucas

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met on the evening of Monday, June 22.  During the meeting citizen Al Erfle appeared as a delegation to express concern over the possibility of a new spray park being located at Central Park, in his neighborhood.  The park is on the same block as Town Hall, between Police Avenue and St. John Avenue.  Erfle said he was concerned about parking, policing, maintenance, and the dignity of the United Church located across the street during funerals.  "All my neighbours don't want it," said Erfle.  "What about our community?"

Happy birthday, Garth Turcott

Garth-Alphonse Turcott 

There was ice cream on the cake at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village yesterday.  When Garth Turcott spoke on the occasion of the opening of the Turcott building on the museum's grounds, we discoverd that today, July 30, is his birthday.

So happy birthday, Mr. Turcott.

Stay tuned for the full grand opening story, in which a significant chunk of Pincher Creek's past has been preserved for future generations.

Friendly competition at 2015 Pincher Creek Cowboy Show

Christian Davis

Pincher Creek's Horseshoe Pavilion was alive with the sights, sounds, and sensations of rodeo last weekend, on the occasion of the 2015 Ranch Rodeo. 9 area ranches competed in teams against each other. It's a friendlier competition than the pro-rodeo circuit.  Money isn't the motive.  The prizes are swank, but modestly so.  Volunteers build it. Enthusiastic local and regional sponsorships pay the big bills, and everybody chips in.

Overall 2015 Cowboy Show champions: Willow Springs

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tilting the wind in Southern Alberta

  • Survey trespass
  • Livingstone Landowners prod council for support
  • Oh those blinking lights
  • Intangibles
  • Anyway, the wind blows
  • TransAlta price rigging
  • Markets coalescing
Christian Davis

Survey trespass

The Livingstone Landowners Group (LLG) last week issued a press release titled "After denying access, landowners catch subcontractor hired by AltaLink trespassing on their property." In that release LLG stated that AltaLink subcontractor Stantec trespassed on the land of Dan and Rose Skierka while conducting a field study for the proposed Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock transmission line.  The Skierkas have been participants in numerous public landowner issue discussions in the Pincher Creek area." *

 In a letter to AltaLink President Scott Thon the Skierkas said the trespass occurred on June 29, 2015 when Stantec was conducting a breeding  bird survey for the transmission project.  According to that letter, Dan Skierka and another landowner met with AltaLink representatives at the local Tim Horton's and at that meeting denied AltaLink access. "We denied the request for very legitimate reasons and subsequently filled out the six page 'AltaLink Land Form' to that effect," continues the letter. "We were assured that our position would be respected. The discussion and completing the forms took over two hours to complete."

On July 13 Thon wrote back, saying "I want to apologize on behalf of AltaLink for the recent trespass on your land. It was an incident for which we apologize and accept responsibility for our contractor."

"Our understanding is that you did not grant Stantec access to your land for any environmental  survey and therefore  it should not have taken place. We pride ourselves on creating positive relationships with landowners and regret that this incident has tarnished your view of Alta link. We understand how important your land is to you and appreciate that trespassing will not be tolerated."

Thon said AltaLink is "using this situation to identify gaps within our processes with contractors regarding land access. We absolutely do not want this situation to be repeated. Improvements to our process will be made moving forward to close any gaps."

"The individual who trespassed on your land has been removed from working on the Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock Transmission Project."

"As you requested, no information gleaned from the unauthorized environmental survey will be entered into our database. We will also provide you with any data that was collected during the survey."

Thon also attached a letter of apology from Stantec's Ted Zuurbier. In it Zuurbier said Stantec "would like to apologize for this incident. We understand the frustration and anger that these incidents ause landowners and truly regret any adverse effects that this particular incident has caused Mr. and Mrs. Skierka".

"Going forward Stantec is imposing stricter protocols for our crews to follow when conducting surveys on the Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock Project in the future. Crews have been advised to be very diligent when accessing any property to ensure that the proper permissions are in place prior to access."

"All information that was gathered during the Breeding Bird survey on the Skierka's land in question will be removed from the record and will not be included in the Environmental Evaluation."

Livingstone Landowners get letter of support from MD

In February of this year LLG issued a press release which stated as its four key points:
  1. The Livingstone Landowners Group (LLG) does not endorse any AltaLink route proposals, as we are not proponents of a new power line in the area.
  2. Given the values at stake and recent changes in the electric energy sector, LLG has requested the Premier of Alberta to re-evaluate the need for this proposed line and consider whether it should be deferred or cancelled.
  3. The LLG has advised AltaLink that, should a line be built, it should avoid native fescue grasslands, environmentally sensitive areas and scenic areas that give the Livingstone area and Cowboy Trail (Highway 22) their iconic beauty.
  4. The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) sets clear direction that new development should minimize landscape fragmentation and be concentrated in existing developed areas. The LLG supports this policy direction.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 Pincher Creek Cowboy Show Bronc Riding video

Pincher Creek's 2015 Cowboy Show was held at the Horseshoe Pavilion in town last weekend.  Watch for a full story about that soon.  In the meantime, a Saddle Bronc vid from the weekend.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beaver Mines Fire Hall to get temporary washroom, study for new hall to be commissioned

Chris Davis

At their June 23 regular meeting Council for the M.D. of Pincher Creek No. 9 heard from a delegation of Beaver Mines volunteer firefighters, who were there to ask why the building of a new fire hall in Beaver Mines has been delayed and to voice their concerns about the state of the existing hall.  Council discussed the issue, agreeing to commission a report on the options available for building a new fire hall at the property on the north side of Beaver Mines, purchased for that purpose in 2011.  Councillor Garry Marchuk was vocal in his continued opposition to building a new fire hall at that site, which is close to his own property in Beaver Mines.

At their July 14 meeting council decided to purchase a portable washroom facility for use at the current fire hall, with a price not to exceed $40,000,   Councillor Marchuk also opposed that decision.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ethan Choi qualifies for Canadian Junior Golf Championship

Ethan Choi at Junior World Golf Championship
Photos courtesy of Sheldon Choi
Toni Lucas

Ethan Choi is an outstanding 13 year old golfer from Pincher Creek who has been earning high standings in some very prestigious tournaments.  Ethan has already participated in the  Alberta Junior Boys Championship, CN Future Links Western Championship, and the Junior World Golf Championship this season.  His high quality performances in these tournaments qualified him to attend the Canadian Junior Golf Championships in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, to be held August 2-6.

LRSD announces appointment of new Director of Learning

New LRSD Director of Learning Danny Roberts
Livingstone Range School Division

Livingstone Range School Division (LRSD) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Danny Roberts as Director of Learning commencing with the 2015-2016 school year.

Play it safe in the sun

Valerie Fraser, Canadian Cancer Society

With summer heat in full swing and the days longer, it’s natural to want to get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Although the sun is the top source of vitamin D – which helps our bodies absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones - too much exposure can cause irreversible skin damage and skin cancer.

Food bank usage is up all across Alberta

press release

The shelves are bare at many food banks across the province while most are also trying to cope with higher demand for services as a result of the slowdown in Alberta’s economy.

According to supervisor Anne Gover, The Junction food bank in Pincher Creek is "no exception".

In just the last two weeks, the provincial association of food banks has shipped a record 78 pallets of food to 24 food banks who are struggling to keep food on the shelves – that’s in addition to six transport trailers of food distributed to larger food banks.

Wildrose MLA Stier: Government debt risking Alberta’s future

Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier

We all know the crippling effects of debt, which is why we try our best to prudently manage our finances in both our personal and professional lives.  In Europe, the banks recently shut down, pensioners and public servants were locked out of their contracts and the Eurozone almost collapsed, after Greece refused to tackle its massive debt problem.  Here in Canada, Ontario was just declared to be the most indebted sub-sovereign borrower in the entire world after years of scandal and mismanagement. The province is now more reliant than ever on western equalization dollars.

Could Alberta go this same way? The answer is yes – at least according to Moody’s Investors Service.

Riversdale Resources gets conditional approval from Crowsnest council for coal load-out

Randy Spencer, Mountain Radio
Crowsnest Pass council has given conditional approval for Riversdale Resources to locate its coal load-out on the eastern edge of the golf club. Approval is dependent on rezoning and subdivision applications with necessary documents. It was a close 4-2 vote. Councillor Dean Ward asked when council could put conditions, such as noise and dust, on the project. That would be in the rezoning stage and the subdivision stage. Ward added that the golf club is on board with the plan.

Free drop-in beach volleyball on Wednesday evenings

Caleb Evans

Every Wednesday night people from the community can join in the fun of free drop-in beach volleyball at Juan Teran Park from 7:00- 8:30 pm. It will be running until August 12th. All you have to do is find the volleyball court and have fun.

“We had seven people the first night,” said organizer Claire Johnson. This event is open to all people regardless of skills or ability. It is an opportunity for people to come out and enjoy the game of volleyball.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Signs your child may be the victim of online exploitation

Calgary Police Service

The Calgary Police Service recently released this guide to identifying possible signs and preventative measures related to the internet exploitation of children.

Signs your teen may be experiencing side-effects of online exploitation:
  • Sad or crying frequently
  • Displays of anger
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of interest in activities, hobbies or sports
  • Not wanting to attend school
  • A sudden change in their activity level on their own social media platforms

Province announces 2015/2016 MSI funding allocations

Alberta Municipal Affairs today released a list of 2015/16 Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) allocations. MSI funding is designated for capital and operating projects.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pincher Creek crew wins first Western Canada Wind Warrior Challenge

Toni Lucas

Vestas held the first annual Western Canada Wind Warrior Challenge in the parking lot of Ranchland Mall in Pincher Creek on Saturday, July 18. Vestas Canadian Wind Technology produces and operates wind turbines. The all-day event saw 6 two-man teams move between five stations where they were tested and marked on their abilities. Each station was judged out of 20 points and Pincher Creek was the overall winners with a whopping 93 points out of a hundred.

Vestas and Mammoet participants

MD of Pincher Creek removes themselves from proposed regional transportation study

Toni Lucas

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met on Monday evening, June 22.  During the administration portion of the meeting Councillor Doug Thornton read a letter from the MD of Pincher Creek concerning the Regional Collaboration Grant awarded in 2012 to the MD of Crowsnest Pass in the amount of $106,450.   The letter was addressed to the  Minister of Municipal Affairs Deron Bilous and indicated copies were sent to all participating partners.  Thornton read the letter aloud in it's entirety, including a section which said  "The Municipal District of Pincher Creek will not approve of or support the re-allocation of any grant funds remaining from the regional  collaboration program for any other purpose than for which it was originally  granted without the specific written consent of the Minister." Thornton continued reading, saying, "Council is seeking a confirmation from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs that approval has been given for this reallocation of funds from the previous grant for the new transportation study being proposed."

Proposed landfill incinerator sparks heated discussion at Town of Pincher Creek council meeting

Toni Lucas

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met on Monday, June 22. A letter from citizen Delphine Crayford was read that expressed disapproval of the proposed incinerator at the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill, which is located south of Highway 3 between Cowley and Lundbreck.   Crayford's letter indicated that she and her husband were strongly opposed to the project due to financial costs and health risks.  The ensuing council discussion led to a request for a Regional Council Meeting, at which landfill association representatives could give a presentation and answer questions.

Lebel Mansion fencing project to move forward

Lebel Mansion in 2011
Toni Lucas

Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey gave Pincher Creek's Town Council an update on the progress of the Lebel Mansion fencing project at council's June 22 meeting. The retaining wall that went partially around the grounds was experiencing structural failure.  It was removed, the materials were saved, and the property was sloped/graded in 2011.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Communities In Bloom judges coming soon

CiB Program Coordinator

The Town of Pincher Creek is participating in the 2015 National Edition of Communities in Bloom in the Class of Champions (Small) category, along with Antigonish NS, Ashcroft BC, Millet AB, Sussex NB and Tignish PE.

The Communities in Bloom judges, Gerry Teahen from Exeter, Ontario and Lorraine Hunter from Toronto, Ontario will be evaluating the Town of Pincher Creek on July 26, 27, and 28. The town would like to remind all businesses and residents to tidy up their property before the judges arrive.

Pincher Creek RCMP complaints summary for July 13-19, 2015

Pincher Creek RCMP

The following is an overview of the nature of the complaints that the Pincher Creek Detachment received during the week of July 13 - 19, 2015. Note that the summary indicates what was reported to the police and may not have been substantiated.

Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 Blueweed Blitz removes 3,500 lbs of weeds

Blueweed Blitz crew 2015
Photos courtesy of Brad Bustard

Toni Lucas

The Pincher Creek Watershed Group is a volunteer organization that recognizes the creek as part of an integrated, complicated and fragile ecosystem. On July 11, 2015, 20 landowners and 60 volunteers worked together to improve the area by participating in the annual Blueweed Blitz.  The Blitz is annual because the blueweed is perennial.  Landowners and volunteers pulled weeds over an area that runs from Highway 6 to Christie Mines Road south of Pincher Creek.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responds to minor fires and a motor vehicle incident

Toni Lucas

Since July 14 Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) has dealt with three minor incidents - one bale fire, one tree fire, and one vehicular accident.  Both fires have been attributed to probable lightning strikes.

On Tuesday, July 14, at 2:30 pm PCES responded to a bale fire south of town.  The bale was still in the field so it did not affect any other bales.  Crews opened the bale and put out the fire.  The fire was likely caused by a lightning strike.

On Wednesday, July 15, at approximately 4:10 pm PCES responded to a report of a two-vehicle collision on Highway 3 approximately 5 km east of Pincher Creek.   According to Chief David Cox the incident was minor, with no one at the scene when PCES arrived to find one vehicle in the ditch.

On Thursday, July 16, at approximately 11:56 am in Pincher Creek PCES responded to a tree on fire. The fire probably started due to a lightning strike, and rain helped keep it under control until fire crews arrived. Related story: Pincher Creek resident's tree struck by lightning

Pincher Creek resident's tree struck by lightning

Scorched conifer
Toni Lucas

Samantha Trodden was at home with her two children Kage and Raiden on Thursday, July 17, when lightning stuck the tree in front of her yard on Foothills Avenue in Pincher Creek just after lunchtime.  Her three year old son Kage was in the middle of telling her a story about what he believes causes thunder and lighting when "There was a big flash, and the boom was instant, and it sounded like it shattered a window," said Trodden.  She looked to see if all her windows were still intact.  "All of a sudden, I see my tree is smoking.  My tree was on fire."

Cowley and Lundbreck residents asked to conserve water

  • Prolonged drought across Alberta affecting water quantity
Leo Reedyk, Director of Operations, MD of Pincher Creek No.9

As the operator of the Cowley / Lundbreck Regional Water System, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek was informed by Alberta Environment, that the quantity of water in the Castle River has been slowly diminishing to a point where the instream flow requirements and the water conservation objectives in our water licences require that we reduce our intake of water.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Roses, revelry, rain, and tea at the Lebel

Seeking shelter from the storm
Toni Lucas

The Lebel Mansion rose garden was the site of a 'Downton Abbey' style afternoon tea on Saturday, July 11.  The event was arranged by the Oldman Rose Society of Southern Alberta.  This event was the precursor to an evening talk by Jim Coutts, well known in the world of Canadian horticulture, his family having hybridized the Unity Apple.  Tables filled to hear the stylings of the two key musical performers, 'The Little Big Band' and fiddler Phil Lethbridge.  Beautifully decorated dainties were offered along with tea, juice and lemonade.  There were greetings from the President of National-Roses-Canada Mr. Harry McGee, who has visited Pincher Creek three times in the last few years to view the making of the garden,  "I can hardly believe what you have done here," he said. McGee acknowledged the hard work  on behalf of the society.  McGee was impressed how the area has gone from a lawn, through design, construction, and planting, to the finished site in a short time frame.  "I wish you the best of everything."

Pincher Creek places fourth at 2015 Southern Alberta Summer Games in Claresholm

K. Jorgenson photos

Toni Lucas , photos courtesy of Claire Johnson and  Kim Jorgenson

The 2015 Southern Alberta Summer Games (SASG) took place in Claresholm Alberta from Wednesday, July 8 to Saturday, July 11.   Pincher Creek SASG Regional Director Claire Johnson was on hand to help facilitate the games, and to assist people from Pincher Creek.  "Pincher Creek competed in almost all of the events that were going on, which is pretty cool," said Johnson. "The only ones I think we didn't have anyone in were handgun, golf, tennis and baseball.  I can't think of anything else we weren't in. And a great age range of participants." MD of Pincher Creek had 170 participants and won 27 Bronze Medals, 32 Silver Medals and 80 Gold Medals this year, garnering the most gold medals for a single community.  Johnson said she believes that Pincher Creek's experience hosting the games last year helped people decide to be involved in the event this year.

Willow Creek's Tina Attrill lights the SASG flame

Town of Pincher Creek hires Marie Everts for events and marketing

Marie Everts
T. Lucas photo

Toni Lucas

"I started 15th of June," said newly appointed Town of Pincher Creek Events, Marketing, and Economic Development Officer Marie Everts.  For the last 7 years, Everts worked at Castle Mountain, and is continuing to do event planning there as well until they have someone to fully take over her position.  She explained the role that she will be taking for the Town of Pincher Creek.  "A lot of it is engagement.  Engagement in the community, and having people engage in the events and what's happening.  So engagement in people, in businesses, in events, the area, everything.  Just trying to grow what Pincher Creek has and within the marketing side is the promotion side of things, and along with the promotion, hopefully will come more economic development."   Everts will be working closely with the Economic Development Committee and the Signage Committee, and will also be updating the Pincher Creek Community and Visitors Guide.

People in your neighbourhood - Firefighters Sandra and Duncan Gano

Firefighters Sandra and Duncan Gano

Toni Lucas

"We moved here in September,"  said Sandra Gano.  "I wanted to be involved in the community and help where I can."  The couple came from Manitoba and the two decided to volunteer at the local Lundbreck Fire Hall.  Duncan was a volunteer firefighter in Manitoba for five years and Sandra is joining a hall for the first time.  Sandra was volunteering at the Pincher Creek Humane Society and SPCA and recently has joined the team of paid staff.  They choose to move here based on proximity to woods, mountains, and family that is centered close by in Montana.  "We really  like it here, the people have been so friendly," said Sandra.

Revamped Pincher Creek Health Centre emergency room to open soon

Site Manager Jordan Koch in the new ER isolation room
Toni Lucas

In a recent interview Pincher Creek Health Centre Site Manager Jordan Koch said he very happy with the progress of the emergency room (ER) renovations to modernize the old circa 1981 ER. Other areas of the health centre are being used for ER services during the renovations.  "The work is moving along very well, it's on time, and I would cautiously add, ahead of time," said Koch.  He estimates the new ER will be open for use in less than a month.  "There will be ongoing minor work, but as of our last meeting, that was our goal."  Koch is quick to acknowledge the contributions from the community, local government, sponsors, and Alberta Health Services.  He expressed appreciation for the dedicated work of Windy Slopes Health Foundation, who have been working toward this goal. "I would say over two years ago now, they took it (fundraising) on.   This ER has been on the drawing board a long time now.  It's up to date and meets standards of care, and that's important."

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Southern Alberta Summer Games - an athlete's perspective

The M.D. of Pincher Creek in the Athlete’s Parade
Caleb Evans photos
Caleb Evans - The Southern Alberta Summer Games were a huge success this year. They occurred Wednesday July 8th to Saturday July 11th in Claresholm. Many athletes from all over southern Alberta participated in this big event. 

Soli Cooley  (Pincher) after snagging gold in Boys 11-12 200m
The games started with a Parade of Athletes and Opening Ceremony Wednesday in which many people marched in, holding signs from their region and many important faces gave speeches.

Pincher Dolphin Brynn Grose (foreground), winner of Girls 6 & Under Flutterboard
Pincher Creek's Mark Wynder (left) and Rupert “Rap” Palao
All the events followed over the span of four days in which Pincher Creek was well represented. I’m sure most of you know how the games go, especially as we were the hosts last year but many of you who weren’t athletes in the Summer Games don’t quite know what it means to be an athlete participating in the competition.

Mathias Gelber kicks the ball in Pincher vs Warner U14 soccer game 
It all starts with excitement and pride. These feelings start the first day, the day of the Opening Ceremonies when marching with your team. You feel these feelings throughout the games.

Right before you’re about to compete you feel excited but also worried. You worry about how you or your team will stack up against the competition; you’re excited to represent your town and compete. Throughout the games you’re always feeling mixed emotions, thinking of the best and the worst that could happen. When you step up to play, the adrenaline is pumping through your body. You feel mentally and physically prepared. You just play.

Left to right in green (Pincher): William Johnson, Caleb Evans, Solomon Cooley. Green sub: Julian Krizan
This year I participated in 3 on 3 basketball and U12 soccer but unfortunately my teams didn’t win any medals. It doesn’t matter though, my team and I did our best and we had fun doing it. 

Joah Randall (Pincher) climbs out of the pool after warming up
The Southern Alberta Summer Games are all about having fun, teamwork and supporting each other. When I wasn’t playing myself, I was supporting my friends and my fellow athletes in their events. All these things make the Summer Games what they are and being an athlete in these games is an amazing opportunity to experience. If you get the opportunity in the future I recommend participating!

Taylor Deley (Pincher) dives into her race
Left to right in white: Pincher U12 soccer players Rhett Fitzpatrick, Ronan Gelber, Sofia Citrigno and Caleb Evans

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PCWESA salutes long term staff at AGM

Julie Coleman, Elaine Potts, Stacey Grier, Daphne Stephens, Lori Vanee

Toni Lucas with notes from Julie Coleman

Pincher Creek Women’s Emergency Shelter Association (PCWESA) held their Annual General Meeting Wednesday, June 3 at the Ramada Inn in Pincher Creek with approximately 30 people in attendance.  Service awards were given during the evening to four individual women who have been working for ten year or longer at the shelter.  Elaine Potts, Daphne Stephens, Lori Vanee and Lynne Teneycke were each recognized for their dedication.  PCWESA Executive Director Julie Coleman read a brief summary on the work history of each of these woman, and what they add to the shelter.

Fentanyl supply seized outside of Lethbridge


Five hundred fentanyl pills were prevented from hitting the Lethbridge streets after Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) intercepted a shipment outside of city limits.

The fentanyl pills, along with cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, were seized at a traffic stop on July 8. ALERT Lethbridge, an integrated team consisting of Lethbridge Regional Police Service and RCMP members believe the drugs were being transported from Calgary.

Fiddlin' Phil Lethbridge at Lebel Rose Garden

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Phil Lethbridge has been a mainstay of the Pincher Creek  music scene since approximately 1967.  On Saturday afternoon July 11 he was at the Lebel Rose Garden with his fiddle entertaining those in attendance at the Downton Abbey style Tea.  Phil's a local treasure.

Canyon School holds talent show

Zahara and Mr. Curly Rider perform at the Canyon talent show
Toni Lucas

Canyon Elementary School in Pincher Creek held a student Talent Show on Monday, June 22.  Students from every grade (1-6)  demonstrated their talents to the entire student body, staff, guests, and family members who attended.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responds to minor incidents, helps trim trees

Toni Lucas

Since July 5 Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) has dealt with one railway tie on fire, a minor decontamination situation, and one vehicular accident.  In addition to these incidents they have been helping Pincher Creek Bylaw and operations staff trimming trees around town.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 Businesses in Bloom winners announced

2015 Businesses in Bloom winners
Joanne Cameron, Wendy Toews, Judy Unruh, Loretta Packham

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's Chamber of Commerce and Communities in Bloom  committee jointly renewed the Businesses in Bloom competition this year, with competitors vying for a coveted Golden Shovel, awarded to the winners in two categories, Industrial and Commercial.  Judges based their scoring on overall impression, general tidiness, floral displays, and good weeding. Judges toured the store fronts of all the business in town.

Communities In Bloom judging to be held July 27

Communities in Bloom Canada judging will be held Monday, July 27 in Pincher Creek. Pincher Creek has been entered in the Class of Champions, to compete against the following communities that have also won at the National level.

CIB Class of Champions - Small Community
Town of Antigonish, NS
Village of Ashcroft, BC
Town of Millet, AB
Town of Pincher Creek, AB
Town of Sussex, NB
Community of Tignish, PE

859 Crowsnest Air Cadets finish training year, begin summer training

Sergeant Chase Lincez leads the cadet parade during their Annual Ceremonial Review
Andy Vanderplas photo

859 Crowsnest Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Cadets from 859 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron held their 38th  Annual Ceremonial Review Parade in Blairmore the evening of June 15th.  Mr. Wayne Shaw, Deputy Commander for District 6 of the Royal Canadian Legion was on hand to inspect cadets and take the salute during the parade’s march past.  Mr. Shaw served for over 32 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, including over 4000 hours of flight time as a Loadmaster in the Air Force.  The Annual Ceremonial Review marks the symbolic end to local training that runs between September and June. Representatives of the Air Cadet League, Squadron Sponsoring Committee, and of the Coleman, Blairmore, Bellevue and Pincher Creek Legions were on hand to help celebrate the occasion.

2015 Livingstone School Academic and Athletic Awards Night

Livingstone School 2014/15 (file photo)
Chris Davis

Lundbreck's Livingstone School held their annual Academic and Athletic Awards Night on the evening of June 4 in the school gymnasium.  Presiding over the event, once again, school administrator Mrs. Mary Krizan.  Livingstone Range School Division trustee Clara Yagos was also again in attendance to present the Senior High Citizen of the Year award, awarded to Josee Wiebe.  A sense of community always permeates this event at Livingstone School, including the rites of passage as some receive their last High School awards before moving into young adulthood.  A tip of the hat to all of you, academics, artists, and athletes alike.  Some were away at rodeo events and couldn't attend.  Future employers, patrons, , all of the names listed below come with hard earned stamps of approval.

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