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2015 Southern Alberta Summer Games - an athlete's perspective

The M.D. of Pincher Creek in the Athlete’s Parade
Caleb Evans photos
Caleb Evans - The Southern Alberta Summer Games were a huge success this year. They occurred Wednesday July 8th to Saturday July 11th in Claresholm. Many athletes from all over southern Alberta participated in this big event. 

Soli Cooley  (Pincher) after snagging gold in Boys 11-12 200m
The games started with a Parade of Athletes and Opening Ceremony Wednesday in which many people marched in, holding signs from their region and many important faces gave speeches.

Pincher Dolphin Brynn Grose (foreground), winner of Girls 6 & Under Flutterboard
Pincher Creek's Mark Wynder (left) and Rupert “Rap” Palao
All the events followed over the span of four days in which Pincher Creek was well represented. I’m sure most of you know how the games go, especially as we were the hosts last year but many of you who weren’t athletes in the Summer Games don’t quite know what it means to be an athlete participating in the competition.

Mathias Gelber kicks the ball in Pincher vs Warner U14 soccer game 
It all starts with excitement and pride. These feelings start the first day, the day of the Opening Ceremonies when marching with your team. You feel these feelings throughout the games.

Right before you’re about to compete you feel excited but also worried. You worry about how you or your team will stack up against the competition; you’re excited to represent your town and compete. Throughout the games you’re always feeling mixed emotions, thinking of the best and the worst that could happen. When you step up to play, the adrenaline is pumping through your body. You feel mentally and physically prepared. You just play.

Left to right in green (Pincher): William Johnson, Caleb Evans, Solomon Cooley. Green sub: Julian Krizan
This year I participated in 3 on 3 basketball and U12 soccer but unfortunately my teams didn’t win any medals. It doesn’t matter though, my team and I did our best and we had fun doing it. 

Joah Randall (Pincher) climbs out of the pool after warming up
The Southern Alberta Summer Games are all about having fun, teamwork and supporting each other. When I wasn’t playing myself, I was supporting my friends and my fellow athletes in their events. All these things make the Summer Games what they are and being an athlete in these games is an amazing opportunity to experience. If you get the opportunity in the future I recommend participating!

Taylor Deley (Pincher) dives into her race
Left to right in white: Pincher U12 soccer players Rhett Fitzpatrick, Ronan Gelber, Sofia Citrigno and Caleb Evans

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