Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PCWESA salutes long term staff at AGM

Julie Coleman, Elaine Potts, Stacey Grier, Daphne Stephens, Lori Vanee

Toni Lucas with notes from Julie Coleman

Pincher Creek Women’s Emergency Shelter Association (PCWESA) held their Annual General Meeting Wednesday, June 3 at the Ramada Inn in Pincher Creek with approximately 30 people in attendance.  Service awards were given during the evening to four individual women who have been working for ten year or longer at the shelter.  Elaine Potts, Daphne Stephens, Lori Vanee and Lynne Teneycke were each recognized for their dedication.  PCWESA Executive Director Julie Coleman read a brief summary on the work history of each of these woman, and what they add to the shelter.

Elaine Potts
Elaine started at the shelter as a casual CIW in June 2005.  "Elaine has been one of our most reliable, steady and non reactive staff members." said Coleman.  "She works with integrity and compassion and serves as a mentor to new staff, students and volunteers. Clients appreciate her direct, yet understanding approach and her colleagues express gratitude for her wisdom and sense of humor

Daphne Stephens
Daphne started as a Child support worker in 2004.  Coleman said "Daphne has been the 'heart' of our organization and serves as a constant reminder that at the end of the day all we ever have is our relationships to each other and to the women and kids we serve."

Lynne Teneycke
Lynne started as a casual CIW in May 2005.  "Lynne works in partnership with the shelter to serve kids and youth in our communities, and she consistently comes in to cover one shift every month. In spite of her infrequent shifts at the shelter, Lynne never requires reminders or updates on our process, and can always be trusted to offer kind words and a soft approach."

Lori Vanee
Lori started at the shelter doing an administrative assistant practicum and became casual CIW in April 2005.  "Lori has a gift and ability to engage respectfully and effectively with some of the most challenging women our shelter has worked with. Lori has had to become a family court expert, a medical expert and an addictions counsellor to advocate for her clients. She is solution focused and a team player, and one of PCWESA’s most dedicated, long term employees."

Julie Coleman, Lori Vanee, Pat Lowell
Pat Lowell completed her 4 year term as President.  Elizabeth Dolman was elected as President.
Tammy Jack is stepping down from the board after serving 7 years.  Directors who are continuing to serve include Joe Brown, Harriet North Peigan,  Marni Watts, Pat Lowell, Annie Starzynski and Rose Murfin,

Chef in training Caelan Taylor

The event included snacks provided by Caelan Taylor, a young chef in training who has garnered a lot of respect,  scoring fourth place in Nationals for his age group in the Skills competition for cooking in 2014.

After the elections and awards, guest speaker Dr. Betty Bastien from the University of Calgary - Lethbridge division delivered a talk titled  'Reconciling Our Humanity'.

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