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It's a Group Group Youth summer

2015 GGY BBQ Crew

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Group Group Youth is again offering its young charges an ever-widening choice of opportunities this summer.  Its Youth Employment Services (YES) offshoot is helping guide young people to their summer jobs.  BBQ events in the community are designed to pay for the labour of the participants while supporting the program.  In July courses were offered in First Aid and Resume, Cover Letter & Interview Basics.  GGY participants contributed to the community by cleaning up the creek.  YES has also been vorking on a volunteer project with the Pincher Creek SPCA, making toys for the shelter's kittens.

Coming up:

August career explorations: Veterinarian, Fireman/EMT, Police Officer 

Co-op Summer BBQ Friday August 7, 2015
11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
1300 Hewetson Ave. (Ranchland Mall)

Business Bake Sale Tuesday August 18, 2015
11:00 a.m.
Y,E.S. Reps will be going to businesses selling baked goods.

Youth Meet to bake cookies Monday, August 17, 2015 at 11 a.m. 
1018 Waterton Ave. 

Youth Employment Services has been working on a volunteer project over the past couple of months with the Pincher Creek SPCA. The youth have been making cats toys for the kittens at the shelter. They have had multiple opportunities now to take the toys they have made and gone to the shelter to play with the kittens. Shannon, who works at the shelter, calls the kids "stress busters" in which the kids roles is to come volunteer and help relieve the kittens stress. Shannon also mentioned that she is grateful for them to come because not only are they helping out at the shelter, but it is also a great opportunity to for the youth to become aware of animal safety and help them be aware of the importance of pet care.

At the SPCA

Kitten toys

More kitten toys

Testing kitten toys

Testing kitten toys

"It has been a great opportunity for the kids because I have seen how they are aware of each kitten and understand the situations the cats are in can be frightening to the cats and cause stress," said Kelsi Byam*.  "So they kids have enjoyed being to help make the cats feel more at home."

GGY also offers recreational opportunities for young people. Various kinds of games are available inside, and the skate ramp that was used at the old GGY location on Main Street has been replaced with a new and improved one.

Riding the new ramp in the GGY back yard

Learning First Aid skills at GGY

Kelsi Byam leading First Aid class
Marten Teneycke enlists some help to build the ramp
Lynne's son Marten Teneycke built the new ramp out back, after deciding it was time to completely replace the old one from Group Group Youth's previous Main Street location. According to Lynne, "The kids are using it almost constantly when the Centre is open. Not just for skateboards and scooters, but for games like 'ramp tag' and so many more. When the boys aren’t on it, the girls will go out and play 'house' or 'office' on it."

New ramp

Ready to rumble
Computer and media centre at GGY
First Aid

BBQ at Ranchland Mall
Photo op practice with MD of Pincher Creek Deputy Reeve Terry Yagos

*attribution corrected for accuracy

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