Tuesday, August 25, 2015

OHV and random camping concerns expressed to Minister

Pincher Creek resident Joe Cunningham recently sent the following letter to Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Philips.

Dear Minister Phillips,

I have watched the Forestry Reserve in southern Alberta over the past 25 years become increasingly degraded. The biggest problem seems to have been the policy of the former administration to not enforce certain laws related to the recreational use of public lands, specifically OHV use and random camping rules. The problem has spawned a dramatic increase in OHV ownership in Alberta. Much of this increase simply fuels the trend of joining in on the free-for-all. This new Alberta-spawned destructive culture is now beginning to infect southeastern B.C. to the extent that I have experienced widespread hostility from B.C. citizens as they notice my licence plates when I am in southeastern B.C. recreational areas trying to escape the frustrating destructive recreational activities near my home in Pincher Creek.

I have noticed a small improvement in enforcement recently since the advent of the new provincial government. Please take charge of this problem decisively, and curb the momentum this problem has unfortunately gained.

Joe Cunningham,
Pincher Creek, AB

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