Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Safety windows to be installed on mural wall

Google street view image of mural located in downtown Pincher Creek

Toni Lucas

On Monday, August 24 Council for the Town of Pincher Creek approved a 25 year encroachment agreement allowing for the installation of egress window wells and a step along the wall which also features the mural depicted above.  The building borders on Town owned property and council received and discussed a request from Cralyn Property Management regarding the property, which is on the corner of Main Street and Hewetson Avenue.  The request was to allow the installation of two windows and window wells in basement suites of the building.  

The Municipal Development and Subdivision Authority approved the windows as a safety measure under the condition the owners enter into an encroachment agreement.  An encroachment agreement is a written confirmation between a property owner and a neighbour, in this case the Town of Pincher Creek, which allows a structure that extends onto the neighbouring property to remain in place under expressed conditions (paraphrased source) .

"It's on the east side of the apartment building," said Mayor Don Anderberg.  He explained the plan is to put in windows and window wells for the safety of people in the building.  Anderberg explained, "In case of emergency, the residents can escape through them."  Anderberg said the building does have windows and a door on that side of the building.  "Those windows are painted to be part of the mural."  The encroachment agreement has an associated cost of $50 with all costs associated to prepare and register the agreement to be paid by the property owner.

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