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Scooter Races at Whispering Winds

Eileen Woolf and Jim Litkowski with Laurie Burke in the background
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Whispering Winds Village (WWV) senior home in Pincher Creek is not the first place you think of as a hotbed of underground racing.  However the heart wants what the heart wants.  The need to triumph, the need to take on all challengers.

Residents had the option of using their own wheels or borrowing one of the sleek machines supplied by Leister's Home Care.  Contestants faced a course that included sudden stops, backing up, going around obstacles including a chalk outline we were assured was there only for the race.  Then there was a straight stretch for a mad dash to cross the finish line.  The fine folks of WWV decided to extend the option of going for the gold to staff members, town councillors, and the press, to see if they too could go through the track without losing a pink slip or rolling their ride.

Laurie Burke giving instructions

Residents that took up the challenge included Ruth Stubbs, George Fisher, Jacquie Kilsdonk, Wibert Toews, Andress Warren, Ken Field, Ellen Stork, Tom Seficik, Art Chamberland, Melvin Toews, Verden Boese, and Johnny Friesen.

Ellen Stork
Andress Warren

The residents truly had a home field advantage.  The crowd offered advice, encouragement, and critiques throughout the event.  There were remarks of 'Nice shoulder checking',   'Remember to stop!' and 'Don't run over Laurie!' yelled out to the drivers.  

Art Chamberland 
Jacquie Kilsdonk
Ken Field
Melvin Toews
Ruth Stubbs
Tom Seficik

Verden Boese
Wibert Toews

There might have been at least one shark in the crowd, who casually if loudly asked, 'How do you start this?' before donning their fitted leather racing gloves stamped with the brand Go*Go.  Hmmm.  One onlooker challenged the right of one driver taking to the course as his ride had 6 wheels, theoretically giving an unfair advantage.  They checked for the official scooter-racing rulebook written in 1768 by Hoyle and found there wasn't one.  The objection was overruled and the race went ahead.

Town of Pincher Creek Councillor Jim Litkowski
Whispering Winds Village Manager Eileen Woolf

Councillor Jim Litkowski was thoroughly shredded by WWV Manager Eileen Woolf. "I was in turtle mode," said Litkowski.  He claimed he was interested in seeing how slow he could go, to truly enjoy the view.

Local print goes head to head
I challenged him for slowest time and won,  because they timed me with a calendar rather than a stopwatch.  I competed with Town Councillor Elliott, who admitted he 'may' have had a good understanding of how these machines work.  I finally worked up to a burst of speed and Elliott may have saved untold lives by bravely positioning himself between the crowd and my inability to control my machine.

Brenda Shenton (Shootin' the Breeze)
Shootin' the Breeze's Brenda Shenton and Pincher Creek Echo's Jocelyn Doll went wheel to wheel next.  Each had amazing runs, showing what speed and maneuverability the machines can achieve in the right hands.

Jocelyn Doll (Pincher Creek Echo)
Whispering Winds staff members Laurie Burke and Tammy Herrell proved they were as good on the machines as they are assisting others.  COO Celeste Mullin was on the run taking photos throughout the event.

and the wind whispers "Davis"

Pincher Creek Voice's Chris Davis proved he was a rebel and eschewed the race.  He drove around aimlessly with a coffee, heading for the exit at one point, and suggested a cup holder and electronic laptop tray would be good additions.

After the races  wrapped up, many chose to go to the dining area to enjoy a bite to eat and have fun as the awards were given out.

Brooks Kesick of Leister's
* corrected for accuracy (names)

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