Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Take Part of Me float on a lifesaving mission

Dawn Davis for Lisa and Benji Husband

Take Part Of Me, is more than just a plea for your  financial help; it is truly a love story of a young girl, Lisa Husband (nee Davis) from Lundbreck who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 17. Now ten years later, married to her knight in shining armor, Benji, and living in Lethbridge, Lisa is fighting for her life.

To bring awareness to our endeavour, we participated in the Pincher Creek Parade. The Take Part of Me float sailed ship with the help of our family and friends. We're sure you recognized our flag jellyfish, Katie who we commandeered from Walmart, along with Lorinnda who came all the way from Vancouver to be part of this. Next our driver, Shorty from Coaldale towed his Rockstar wife, Dale and friend, Brenda on their jet skis. Next up, we had a "Crabby 1" none other than Adam Paterson with a pirate hot in his heels (his mom, Sandy) with her boat full of sunken treasure. Floating around and handing out bubbles were a scuba diver, Levi from Edmonton and a local fisher woman, Dawn Davis, who was attacked by an octopus!

Dawn Davis, is the mother of Lisa, and as any mother would, is making it her life mission to do what ever it takes to keep her daughter alive.

We ask that you see it in your heart to take a few minutes to check out their Facebook page at Take Part of Me and the blog at so that perhaps you can help ease some of the stress by donating financially to their plight.

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