Friday, August 7, 2015

Town council approves $15,000 for roundabout landscaping

Toni Lucas

At the regular meeting of the council for the Town of Pincher Creek on July 28, 2015 council approved $15,000 to be applied to landscaping the roundabout at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 507.  The roundabout has been landscaped with low-growing plants.   $35,000 was originally budgeted for this year for the process of landscaping the area.  Administration was trying to secure grant funding to cover $30,000 of the cost, but  that grant was discontinued.  Part of the grant would have been used to implement the use of recycled tires for the aggregate in the roundabout.  The Town has chosen to use low budget shale for the project instead.  The decision was not dissent-free.  Councillor Doug Thornton said "I will tell you that I have had two phone calls from residents complaining that we are spending any money on it."

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