Monday, August 17, 2015

Vista Village Pig Roast

Lisa Kaupp carving the second pig
Vista Village Senior Facility hosted their annual Pig Roast on Wednesday, August 13 for the many residents and guests who attended.  The dining area was scented with the aroma of two pigs that had been roasting outside whetting the appetite of the many who arrived.  The pigs were prepared courtesy of Simply Catering.  Volunteers spent time earlier in the day shucking corn to add to the feast.  Vista Village Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator Mel Walker greeted everyone and hosted trivia games and told jokes to open the event.

This was a good time for many to visit with friends and family before the parade and rodeo was scheduled to happen in town on the weekend.  Tables were filled with people laughing, telling stories, and enjoying being served by a host of staff and volunteers who made sure everyone had the chance to taste the many dishes available during the meal.

This is one of the landmark moments during a residents time at Vista, a great opportunity for new memories to be made.  Some have people close by who visit regularly others visit during special events and this event had the tables filled to capacity.

Kieth and  his niece Claire Johnson visited with Rose, Kieth's mother.  She enjoyed the meal, and seemed to be very happy to see her family around her.

Kieth, Rose and Claire Johnson
Reta DeMeyer commented on how nice the meal was, shared with her son Dave Everts and his wife Mary.  Reta expressed how much she enjoyed their visit.

Dave Everts, Mary Everts, with Reta DeMeyer

Residents Beatrice and Fritz Wuth had their two sons, Brett and Farley come and visit.  Both live in Pincher Creek and visit regularly. Their mother was delighted of the achievements of both her sons and had a good giggle remarking on the irony of Farley and her family were being mentioned in a news story.  Farley is the curator at the local Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village and he writes many stories about other peoples family  histories, often by investigating the news from days gone by.  For her it brought to mind the story of 'The Shoemaker's Children'.

Farley, Brett, Beatrice and Fritz Wuth

Simply Catering Sophie and Barry Carney
Toward the end of the meal there was a call out for the meal makers to come collect accolades from the people who had enjoyed the meal.  Sophie and Barry Carney  both took the appreciation with grace.

The facility had recently been decorated for the Wild Pink Yonder and showed the signs of the work.  Residents had chosen to try and leave the decorations up for this event and through the weekend to give a celebratory air for the parade and rodeo, if the weather would just cooperate. 

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