Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Westwinds Girls Volleyball: Cobras defeat Dragons

SV St. Michael's Dragons (foreground) vs WCCHS Cobras
Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's JV and Senior Dragons Girls hosted Claresholm's Cobras for an evening of volleyball at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium at St. Michael's School on Monday evening, September 28.  The JV Cobras won two of three sets to win their game.  The senior game went to five sets, with the Cobras ultimately earning the win.

Skaters Jam it at the Pincher Creek Skate Park

J. Davis photos/video
Josh Davis

On Saturday, September 26 the Pincher Creek Skate Park hosted Skate Jam, a community event which invited skaters of all ages and skill levels to come out and show their stuff. Sponsored by Infamous Board Shop, and the Town of Pincher Creek, Boston Pizza, and Simply Catering, Skate Jam also featured a live DJ. The Community Kitchen was there providing snacks to hungry skaters and audience members. All proceeds from the concession went to the Pincher Creek Spray Park Society.

Out with the old at St. Michael's School

Students Jordie Kirkman and Payton Burnham wax nostalgic while seeing the demolition 
Photos T, Lucas
Toni Lucas

St. Michael's School in Pincher Creek is in the midst of renovations for the building's modernization project.  Demolition of the south end of the building has begun.  The area that used to house the chapel, kitchen, offices, and Mr. Smith and Mrs. Charette's rooms are now being prepared or cleared away to make room for the new construction.  Some of the upcoming changes include a multiple use Career and Technologies Studies area, a large commons area, and to include more natural light through larger modern windows.   Grades K - 8 are taking classes at St. Michael's while other grades are in Foothills Church for the duration of the construction.  Construction is projected to be completed within two years.

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Update: RCMP still investigating Hannah Meketech homicide in Coleman

RCMP Alberta

Coleman, AB – Members from the RCMP Major Crime Unit continue to investigate the homicide of a 69 year-old woman in Coleman, Alberta. Hannah Meketech, a resident of Coleman, was found deceased inside her home on the morning of Wednesday, September 9th , 2015. An autopsy conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office in Calgary determined that her death is a homicide.

There is no additional information available for release at this time, but the RCMP will continue to keep the public informed as significant developments occur in this active investigation.

Pincher Creek's Kevin Schmaltz wins at National Trap Day in Calgary

Kevin Schmaltz

Pincher Creek trap shooter Kevin Schmaltz took first place at National Trap Day in Calgary on Sunday September 27. Schmaltz entered the main event of Short Yardage Handicap. After 100 targets he was tied for first with a fellow competitor, so they had to follow it up with a shoot off . Kevin ran 25/25 to take the victory. Kevin mentioned that he has been practicing a fair bit out at our local range . He commented on how our top notch facility at the Oldman River Gun Club has helped him get to be a competitive shooter. He also talked about how several top shooters in the club helped him succeed to the level he is at. He addressed honorable mentions to Hugh Bonertz and Myles Lang. He also welcomes all interested people to come out to the Oldman River Gun Club facility and try it out.

Alberta’s minimum wages to increase October 1

Alberta Government

Minimum wage earners in Alberta will see a boost to their paycheques beginning tomorrow, when the province’s minimum wages increase.  Alberta’s general minimum wage will increase from $10.20 to $11.20 per hour. The liquor server minimum wage will rise from $9.20 to $10.70 per hour, and will be eliminated next year.

Public invited to opening of newly renovated emergency department at Pincher Creek Health Centre

press release

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Windy Slopes Health Foundation will hold a special celebration for the opening of the newly renovated emergency department (ED) at the Pincher Creek Health Centre.

The $650,000 renovation project, to improve comfort, safety and security for patients and their families, includes a glass partition and new registration desk, plus expansion to the size of the four ED patient rooms.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Six Lethbridge men plead guilty to Oldman River fish poaching charges

Concerned anglers Cam Johnston and Jordan Pinkster

Toni Lucas - Six men from Lethbridge were at the Pincher Creek Provincial Court today, Tuesday September 29, to face charges related to poaching fish from the Oldman River.  Kanchan Subba, Harka Gurung, Suk Bahadur Subba, Sunny Gurung, Sha Bahadur Subba, and Dhan Kumar Gurung were tried as a group, and pleaded guilty to a charge of Unlawfully Caught Fish.
On June 24 of this year they were found by Pincher Creek Fish and Wildlife District Officer Paul Johnson in possession of 25 cutthroat trout and four bull trout, which are both considered to be threatened species.

Poached fish (submitted photo)*
Crown Prosecutor Lisa Weich said all the men admitted to using worms to fish, and that many of the fish recovered were females of spawning age, caught in a migration corridor.  Weich requested a penalty of $1000 for each of the 29 fish found in their possession, to be shared equally among the six men charged, which would have been a total of $4833 per man, and also asked for the revocation of their current fishing licences.  Weich also requested no fishing licences to be issued to the men for an additional five years, and a forfeiture of all their fishing gear.

Defence lawyer Marshall Gourlay said the six men came from Bhutan, an area torn apart by civil war.  He said they had spent most of their lives in refugee camps, and two of them were born and raised in those camps.  According to Gourlay the men have permanent immigration status and are trying to create a life in Canada.  "They were not doing it for profit," said Gourlay.  He outlined the lives the men live now, adding that none of them have a previous record, and said they have 'minimal means'.

Judge Oishi  said she was going to keep the sentence "proportionate to the offence and the offenders."  As this was the first offence for all six men, she levied a charge of $1000 for each person, ordered that their seized fishing equipment be returned to them, and agreed to the suspension of their fishing licences until the termination date of those licences in 2016, at which point the men would be able to apply again for new fishing licences.  All remaining charges were withdrawn.

Angler Jordan Pinkster speaks after sentencing

Calgary angler Jordan Pinkster arranged for a small rally of approximately six anglers who came to witness the court appearance.  Speaking before the trial Pinkster said "It's really an expression of solidarity at this stage.  This is a particular river system we feel very strongly about, it's a very important fishery, it's a very sensitive fishery, as well."  Pinkster said that many of the 29 fish removed from the river were of spawning age.  "Four of them were bull trout, and anyone who has lived in Alberta for a period of time has heard 'No black, put it back'.  We haven't been able to keep bull trout in Alberta for over 20 years.  The population still has not recovered.  I have heard that the adult population of bull trout in the upper Oldman system is less than 200 fish."  Pinkster said changes in spawning habitats, human disturbances in the habitats, sensitivity to climate changes, over-fishing in the past, and poaching have taken a serious toll on the population.  "This fish is having an uphill battle toward their long-term survival and this stuff doesn't help.  Cutthroat trout are also on the federal threatened species list."

"When 20 spawning age fish are illegally pulled out of a fishery, it's a big deal.  It's a really big deal." Pinkster remarked that the entire stretch  of the river upstream of Highway 22 is catch-and-release only, and well marked as such. "We are here today to make sure that our friends in enforcement and our lawmakers here are aware of the fact that people really care about this stuff, and we are not just going to sit idly by and just allow this resource to be diminished like this.  I don't think we are going to gain a full appreciation for just how precious this resource is until it's too late."  Pinkster also said he believed the final judgement fit the situation.

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Award honours two Kainai physicians for fentanyl prevention efforts

This year’s Friends of Health Sciences award recognizes two Kainai physicians who have shown exemplary leadership in mobilizing their community to respond to the fentanyl crisis. The work of Dr. Susan Christenson and Dr. Esther Tailfeathers has saved numerous lives.

Christenson and Tailfeathers have individually launched several initiatives on the Blood Reserve in response to the fentanyl crisis. Tailfeathers was instrumental in bringing Narcan kits, an antidote to fentanyl overdose, to the community and educating people on their use. Christenson took the necessary steps to get a license to prescribe suboxone, an opiate similar to methadone that reduces drug cravings and gives fentanyl addicts the best chance at recovery.

RCMP to conduct search on the Bow and South Saskatchewan rivers

RCMP Alberta

Calgary, AB - 
The Alberta RCMP Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Unit will be conducting an aerial sweep of the Bow and Saskatchewan River, South of Calgary starting Tuesday, September 29 and Wednesday, September 30, 2015. This operation will be coordinated with a similar process being undertaken by the Calgary Police Service within the City of Calgary at the same time. The RCMP will also be coordinating its search with the Lethbridge and Medicine Hat City Police Services in the areas of the rivers that flow through those jurisdictions.

Incredible turnout for first annual Moonshadow Run

10K entrants begin their run
Josh Davis

Pincher Creek's first annual Moonshadow run was hosted on the evening of Saturday, September 26, the day before the lunar eclipse. The night was nice and warm; wind and showers from earlier in the day had died down. Three different runs took place: a 2.5 km run, a 5 km run, and a 10 km run. The event was timed so that runners would see the sunset in the western skies, and the full moon in the east.

Car smash puts a dent in Spray Park fundraising goals

Toni Lucas

The Smash a Car Spray Park Fundraiser was sponsored by the Abundant Springs Community Church and was held as part of the Ranchland Harvest Festival in Pincher Creek on Saturday, September 25.

Low turnout but plenty of trash at 2015 Pincher Creek shoreline cleanup

Wendy Ryan with some of Pincher Creek's dirty laundry
Toni Lucas

Shoreline Cleanup events were held in Beaver Mines Lake and Pincher Creek on Wednesday, September 23 and Thursday September 24 respectively. Organized by Wendy Ryan in Pincher Creek, grade 10 student Brook Balazs joined the crew that consisted of, well, the two of them.  Undeterred by the small turnout, the pair headed off armed with gloves, bags, picker equipment, a sense of humour, and a dedication to improving our community.  In just a few hundred metres the two had already filled several small bags with garbage consisting of discarded clothing, cigarette butts, bottles, plastic, styrofoam, and had already marked several items too large for them to safely tackle, to be removed from the creek by Town crews at a later date. Ryan ended up hauling away approximately 40 pounds of trash at the end of the evening.

Brook and Wendy

Mustang movie night a touchdown

Mustangs Food Bank Donations from the Team Building Outdoor Movie Night. Left to Right: Beau Walter, Dusty Hungry Wolf, Carrah Walter, Brody Walter, Hayden Many Grey Horses
submitted photo
Josh Davis

On Friday September 18 the Peewee Mustangs hosted a Team Building Outdoor Movie Night in the Matthew Halton field, where kids and members of the community were invited to watch When The Game Stands Tall. Food was collected for Pincher Creek's food bank at the event.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Oldman Rose Society wins Mrs. P's annual scarecrow contest

Scarecrow contest winners - Oldman Rose Society
Toni Lucas

Mrs. P's Coffee Corner held their annual Scarecrow Contest during the Ranchland Harvest Festival. Loretta Packham owner of the coffee shop was happy about the turnout of scarecrows this year. "I think it is so much fun, and people get so creative," said Packham. Oldman Rose Society won $100 with a scarecrow featuring moss, gardening gear, and a distinctive rose patterned quilt. Second prize of $50 went to Garry Visser and his mooning pumpkin-headed scarecrow, and third prize of $50 went to Embree Valcourt for her headless scarecrow.

Garry Visser's second place entry half-moons the crowds
Embree Valcourt's third place macabre entry

Oldman Rose Society quilt raffle winner Kaelea Lejan

Kaelea LeJan holds her new quilt
Donna Cisar photo
Toni Lucas

Everything was coming up roses for Oldman Rose Society on Saturday, September 26. As a group they won the Best Scarecrow Contest held by Mrs. P's Coffee Corner at the Ranchland Mall. Their scarecrow featured a gardener whose green thumb spread to her overall complexion, moss, gardening gear, and a distinctive and beautiful rose patterned quilt. The quilt was the grand prize of a raffle sponsored by the Allied Arts Council and was drawn for later in the day during the Ranchland Mall Harvest Festival. Kaelea LeJan was the grand prize winner. Proceeds from the raffle go to the Oldman Rose Society for the maintenance and improvement of their rose garden at the Lebel Mansion grounds.

Phil Lethbridge assists Ianth Goodfellow with the draw

Pincher Creek welcomes International Student Sophy Diaz

Sophy Diaz
Sophy Diaz has arrived in Pincher Creek for a one month stay as a student at Matthew Halton High School as part of the Livingstone Range International Student Exchange Program.  Sophy has been in Pincher Creek for one week, having come from her home in Bogota, Columbia.  She has been enjoying making new friends and horseback riding.  Attending grade 7, Diaz said she already has exiting adventures to talk about when she gets home, and looks forward to sharing the experience of Pincher Creek with her friends and family.

PCES responds to vehicle fire near Lundbreck

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responded to a vehicle on fire at 12:46 pm Friday September 25.  The driver of the pickup truck was in a field close to the Crowsnest Road when smoke started to come from the dashboard.  Lundbreck Fire and Pincher Fire attended and quickly disconnected the battery, solving the problem.  No one was injured in the incident.

Pincher Creek RCMP summary for Sept. 21 - 27, 2015

Pincher Creek RCMP

The following is an overview of the nature of the complaints that the Pincher Creek Detachment received for the noted period. Note that the summary indicates what was reported to the police and may not have been substantiated.

Total calls for service - 47
Break and Enter (residential) - 1
Uttering Threats - 1
Mischief (vandalism) - 1
Theft under $5000 - 2
Impaired Driving - 1
Disturbing the Peace - 5
Driving complaints (general) - 6
MV Collisions - 7
Liquor offences - 4
Suspicious occurrences (general) - 1
Assistance to General Public (general) - 1
Assistance to other agencies - 1
911 calls (invalid) - 1
Animal calls - 1
Municipal Bylaws (barking dogs / noise / OHV) – 1
Prisoners held – 8

25 years and counting for Pincher Creek's Friends of the Library

L to R: Anja Van Der Heidjen, Blanche Lemire, Nancy Tripp, Tess Larson, Joyce McFarland, Carol Fitzpatrick, Margaret Kerr, Barb Patterson, Brenda Carmichael, Judy Lane, Beryl Zoratti, Verda Baerg, Audrey McRae

  • Fall Book sale on October 7, 8, and 9

press release

In the spring of 2015 the Friends of the Library group celebrated its 25th anniversary. This included a small, private party at the library on Friday May 15, 2015 in which the Board members and Library staff honoured the Friends group.

In addition to light refreshments, a string quintet provided live music. Musicians were Mary Cote, Anne Elle, Blair Amundsen, Carola Michalsky, and Catherine DeCock, accompanied by Caroline Johnson on keyboard.

Alberta anglers plan to observe poaching case at Pincher Creek Provincial Court

press release

In June, a concerned member of the public phoned the Report A Poacher line regarding a group of anglers on the Oldman River upstream of Highway 22. The concerned caller suspected the men may be keeping more fish than the limit and recorded the licence plate numbers of the suspected anglers' vehicles. Officers responded and discovered six Lethbridge men in possession of 25 cutthroat trout and four bull trout. On September 29, 2015 at 10:00 am, the suspects of the June poaching event are set to appear in Pincher Creek Provincial Court.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Honouring Alberta’s fallen heroes

Alberta Government

Today, Albertans join the hundreds of police and peace officers at the Alberta Legislature to remember, recognize and pay their respects to the 100 officers who have died in Alberta in the line of duty since 1876.

This year, the tragic loss of RCMP Const. David Wynn and EPS Const. Daniel Woodall is being recognized.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Senior Mustangs defeat Fighting Rebels

2015 Pincher Creek Senior Mustangs
J. Davis photo
Josh Davis

On Friday September 25 Pincher Creek’s senior Mustangs took to Halton field to face Taber's W.R. Myers Fighting Rebels, following up on the Mustangs' 33-0 win in High River last week. This was the Mustangs' first regular season game. The weather was warm and sunny, though the wind was blowing hard in the first half. It was a close game, but the Mustangs prevailed definitively, winning 20-7.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Peewee Mustangs host Lethbridge Bulldogs

Photos: J. Davis, C.Davis, Kelly Nelson

Coach Jeremy Nelson

Imagine this: It’s the second day of fall, 6:30 pm, the temperature is +23 degrees Celsius, there’s not a breath of wind, and the words "down, set, hut" echo in the air.

Well Mustang fans that was the scene on Thursday night here in Pincher Creek as we hosted the Lethbridge Bulldogs.

Sunshine and smiles at walking path tree dedication

^ John Hancock, Farley Wuth, Heidi Eijgel, Noreen Robbins, BJ Scott, Diane Burt-Stuckey, Pauline Warren, Bev Everts

Toni Lucas

On Thursday afternoon, September 24 approximately a dozen people attended a dedication of the grove of cottonwood trees on the walking path beside Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV) at the corner of the bridge on Bev McLachlin Drive.  The event was in part a celebration of National Tree day.

1898 photo of area that is now part of Pincher Creek's walking path (courtesy KBPV)

Junior Volleyball - B Dragons host Hawks and Eagles

St. Michael's 2015 B Girls volleyball team

Josh Davis

On Thursday September 24 St. Michael's B Division Girls Dragons volleyball team hosted the Matthew Halton B Hawks, while simultaneously B Boys Dragons hosted Lethbridge’s Immanuel Christian Eagles. The B Girls Dragons won their game against the Hawks in three sets. The B Boys Dragons were defeated by the Eagles, also within three sets.

Producers reminded to send in harvest samples

Canadian Grain Commission

Over 4400 harvest samples from Canadian grain producers have already arrived at the Canadian Grain Commission. However, more samples are needed to ensure our quality data is representative of this year’s crop.

Harvest sample kits were mailed to registered participants, beginning in August and samples began arriving at Canadian Grain Commission headquarters soon after. If you’ve received your envelopes and have not sent in a sample yet, please send it as soon as you can.

Death of Victoria Crow Shoe now considered to be a homicide

Victoria Joanne Crow Shoe
RCMP Alberta

Pincher Creek, AB –
The RCMP continues its investigation into the death of 43 year-old Lethbridge resident, Victoria Joanne Crow Shoe. Investigators now consider her death to be a homicide.

Ms. Crow Shoe’s body was found along the shore of the Oldman River Reservoir at the Windy Point Campground on Sunday, September 13, 2015. Last seen by family members on August 26, 2015, Victoria Crow Shoe was reported as a missing person to the Lethbridge Regional Police Service (LRPS) on September 15, 2015. The LRPS missing person report was cancelled shortly after it was issued once an autopsy by the Calgary office of the Medical Examiner had confirmed that the found body was that of Ms. Crow Shoe.

Stier: Extend Castle consultation process by six months

Today, Wildrose Municipal Affairs Shadow Minister Pat Stier called on the NDP government to extend the consultation period on the creation of a new provincial park in the Castle region by six months.

The NDP provided a 30-day window for public consultation after it made the decision to re-designate the area. The deadline is October 5.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Controlled burns in BC affecting Highways 3 and 93

Click here for more information. 

Backhoe work in the Oldman River causes concern for some Porcupine Hills landowners

Backhoe in the Oldman River
C. Davis photos and video except*

Updated October 2, 2015 with a statement issued from Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips, as follows:

“The reports I am hearing are very concerning. ‎ Department officials have been on site and immediately put in place a cease work order. An investigation is underway and we will see what the outcome of that investigation is. ” - Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips, October 2, 2105

Chris Davis, September 24, 2015:

Several landowners who own property adjacent to the Oldman River in the Porcupine Hills area north of Cowley (northwest of Pincher Creek) have expressed concerns about a river diversion project that was underway in the riverbed earlier this week. The photos and video attached to this article were taken on Monday, September 21. A backhoe operator was observed creating a rock and gravel dam of significant proportions, evidently designed to channel the river away from the west bank of the river, toward the east bank, at a juncture just before an area of the river that divides into two branches.

Chief Mountain border crossing closes for the season, Wild Horse reducing hours

Canada Border Services Agency

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) advises travellers that the Chief Mountain port of entry will close for the season at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. Additionally, the Wild Horse port of entry will be reducing its hours for the season on October 1, 2015.

Chief Mountain is located along Highway 6 in Alberta. The port of Wild Horse is located 145 km (90 miles) south of Medicine Hat on Highway 41.

Wild Horse hours of operation (Mountain Daylight Time):
October 1 – May 14: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
May 15 – September 30: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015 Pincher Creek Relay for Life raises close to $30,000

Toni Lucas

The Pincher Creek and District Agricultural Society Grounds was the site of the second annual Pincher Creek chapter of the Relay for Life on Saturday, September 19. This is a fundraising event to fight cancer which occurs all across Canada. The 12 hour relay was marked with camaraderie, sharing, song, stories, memories, entertainment and hope. Twelve teams participated, helping raise funds to be used to advance cancer research and support Canadians living with cancer. Including sponsorships, raffle sales, and donations the volunteers raised close to $30,000.
Team Brat Pack

Old fashioned fun at 2015 KBPV Harvest Festival

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek and District Historical Society hosted their annual Harvest Festival at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village on Saturday, September 19.  The grounds are large, so none of the 200 people who attended had to feel crowded as there where a number of activities, games, and displays to check out, spread over 6 acres.  At noon many on the grounds gathered to witness a presentation from Mayor Don Anderberg and Reeve Brian Hammond at which Fran and Colleen Cyr were recognized for the 10 years they have volunteered with the Pincher Creek and District Historical Society.

Students from South America attend Livingstone Range schools

Back - Doug Wyatt,Nicholas, Tiffany, Emmanuel Silva, Front - Hayden, Angelica
T.Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Students from Cafam School in Columbia will attend various schools throughout Livingstone Range School Division as part of an international exchange program.  International Home-stay Coordinator Julie Hutchinson said this is the second year the program is running.   Seven students are here for a full semester, and an additional 11 are coming for a one month stay.  "I think it is a great opportunity for the sharing of cultures," said Hutchinson.

Westwinds Boys Volleyball - Sabres defeat Trojans

Senior Sabres vs Trojans
Chris Davis

Lundbreck's Livingstone Sabres hosted Coalhurst's Trojans for an evening of Westwinds Volleyball on Monday, September 21.  Both teams played very competitively, with some great battles at the net throughout. The Sabres have just enough players for a junior/senior team, so the JV games were played for fun.  The Sabres won both the JV and Senior games, but not without considerable effort against strong Trojans lineups. 

Thank you sponsors from the Pincher Creek High School Rodeo


Pincher Creek High School Rodeo would like to thank our sponsors and the many volunteers & alumni who help put on the rodeo.
 ^ Chelby Glen, Macy-Jo Friel, Sarah Kirby, Martyna Lively, Robyn Lively, Ks Thomson, Jack Mitchell, Chaz Vance.  Missing: Chet & Levi Root, Ben Mitchell, Nelz Vance

Westwinds Girls Volleyball - Dragons defeat Crusaders

2015 St. Michael's Dragons Girls Volleyball team
Toni Lucas

St. Michael's JV and Senior Girls volleyball teams faced their Coalhurst Crusaders counterparts in the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium in Pincher Creek on Monday, September 22. The Dragons had a bench of 8 girls, while the Crusaders had 12 playing. The JV game was played first and the Dragons took all three sets by a wide margin.   The senior game was a tight match going to the fifth set with the Dragons ultimately winning.

Fire north of Pincher Creek consumes 40 acres

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responded to a grass fire one mile west of Highway 785 north of Pincher Creek at approximately 12:25 pm on Friday, September 18.  An evacuation order was started due to winds driving the fire toward nearby residences,  however that order was stood down as the crews got the fire under control.  The area affected was pasture land, with some grain, grass and stubble lost.  Approximately 40 acres were consumed in the blaze.  Pincher Creek Emergency Services, Beaver Mines Fire Hall, Peigan Fire Hall, and RCMP attended the scene.  PCES Chief Dave Cox said there was support from the agricultural community through the use of tractors and water trucks and the manpower driving them.  Chief Cox said the fire most likely started due to a spark from equipment working in the field.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cardston Cougars win FP Walshe Junior Girls Volleyball tournament

Josh Davis

Fort Macleod's F.P. Walshe School hosted its junior volleyball tournament on Friday September 18 and Saturday September 19. The tournament was held at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek because FP Walshe is undergoing modernization. F.P. Walshe's Flyers took second place, defeated in the finals by Cardston's Cougars.

First place: Cardston Cougars
Due to time constraints, competing teams played only two sets instead of a best of 3 or best of 5. In the event that each team won a set, the winner was determined by who scored the most points. From partway through the quarter-finals a third set to 15 points was played to determine the winner, if necessary.

Pincher Creek RCMP summary for Sept. 14-20, 2015

Pincher Creek RCMP

The following is an overview of the nature of the complaints that the Pincher Creek Detachment received for the period of September 14-20, 2015. Note that the summary indicates what was reported to the police and may not have been substantiated.

Total calls for service - 71
Assaults – 1
Domestic assault – 2
Break and Enter (residential) - 1
Fraud / Forgery - 1
Mischief (vandalism) - 5
Theft of motor vehicle - 3
Theft under $5000 - 3
Impaired Driving - 3
Drugs - 2
Driving complaints (general) - 5
MV Collisions - 10
Liquor offences - 6
Assistance to General Public (general) - 2
False Alarms - 2
911 calls (invalid) - 4
Animal calls - 3
Prisoners held – 9

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