Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another bear visits Pincher Creek

Pincher Creek Peace Officer John Herasemluk
T. Lucas file photo
Toni Lucas - Pincher Creek Peace Officer John Herasemluk had a deja vu experience when he received a report that a bear was spotted in Pincher Creek yesterday, Wednesday, September 9. Earlier in the day at approximately 12:45 pm a different bear was tranquilized and removed from a tree on Mountain Street and Police Avenue. Herasemluk received a call  about 2:00 pm the same day for a bear in a tree. He said his first thought was that they must have been calling about the bear they had already dealt with, however this one was by Lions Park. "There was another bear in a tree, over the riverbed."

Fish and Wildlife, Town Bylaw and RCMP worked together again to deal with the situation. This time the assessment was that tranquilizing the bear would put it and the officers at risk. The area was cordoned off for safety and monitored. The bear later moved away from town of its own accord.

"It's been a crazy week for wildlife," said Herasemluk, who speculated the bear had no intention of going through a inhabited area and was possibly just following the creek bed. "Waterways are a highway for wildlife."

Look twice before attempting to climb a tree, kids.

"This was my first bear of the year, and to get two in one day..."

Any sightings of bears or other wildlife should be reported to Fish and Wildlife.

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