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Bantam Mustangs learn from Rams

Josh Davis

Pincher Creek's Bantam Mustangs took to Halton field on Saturday September 19, 2015, playing Lethbridge's Rams. The Rams are the #1 team in their league right now and solidly defeated the Mustangs on this outing. The Mustangs were more than double in size from the previous week, when they hosted Coaldale.  That one was also a wide margin loss for the Mustangs. With a newly enlarged roster the coaches are working with a lot of athletes who have never played football before this season. The Mustangs were greatly improved in the second half of their game against the Rams.

Mustangs cheerleaders at Bantams vs Coaldale

Bantam Mustangs vs Lethbridge Rams

The Mustangs fell quickly behind in the first half against the Rams. The Mustangs' offence had trouble making yardage, and could benefit from practicing passing plays. They also need to work on catching the ball. On the defensive end the Mustangs have a lot of good heads on their team, and their positioning was sensible. However, they missed a lot of opportunities to stop the Ram’s offence, and need to work on tackling.

The Mustangs are going hi-tech this year
By the second half the Mustangs had visibly improved, and were making larger gains. The Rams didn’t make nearly as many touchdowns following half time. Mustangs’ #1 Emmanuel Williamson showed that he could really run in this half.

Mustang Conner Ney with the ball
“The boys played great,” said Coach Chris Ney. “Last week we had twelve players on the team, this week I had twenty five players out, and so that tells you how many players showed up this week with no training, put pads on, and played football.” The Mustangs did better against the Rams this year than last. “It’s always going to be a tough game against those guys, so we need to be prepared for them. So, we’ll hit the ground running this week, and train these boys up in how to play football.”

Bantam Mustangs vs Rams
Ney said he is starting from the basics with his team. “We’re working fundamentals, 101, and by the end of the week we’ll be into some more advanced stuff.” He plans to start with basics of tackling, catching, running, and ball handling. “I don’t assume anybody knows anything when we walk on the field.” He has two more new players coming out again next week. “Our roster is pretty much full now, which is even a victory in it “Our roster is pretty much full now, which is even a victory in itself, just to have that many guys on the field playing football.”

Ney saw a clear progression from the first quarter to the last quarter. “The first half they learned a lot, the second half they really advanced in their play. They started tackling, they started in the reads, some offense started happening. So that was good. And they’re a team.” He was also pleased with his team’s sportsmanship, noting that some teams would behave poorly if they fell that far behind, and that his teams didn’t do that.

Bantam Mustangs Cheerleaders

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