Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Car smash puts a dent in Spray Park fundraising goals

Toni Lucas

The Smash a Car Spray Park Fundraiser was sponsored by the Abundant Springs Community Church and was held as part of the Ranchland Harvest Festival in Pincher Creek on Saturday, September 25.

Jennifer "That'll buff right out" Draper takes a swing
People could not miss the brightly painted duo of cars that graced the mall's parking lot.  One of the cars was available to smash throughout the day for five dollars a swing, or three swings for $10. For the other car bids for the first crack at it were accepted until 2:00 pm. Spray Park promoter Jennifer Draper won that honour with a bid of $50.  That was appropriate because Draper had a personal history with the car, having donated it to the cause.  She got on top of the car with a sledgehammer to deliver the first blow.

Incumbent Macleod MP John Barlow takes a turn
Some had a timid swing, some were obviously venting their frustration at some other vehicle(s), and a few strategically planned the damage they were going to afflict. All had a great time having the chance to try to make a dent in the cars, while also putting a dent in the fundraising goals for the spray park.  Organizer Travis Epp estimated they had raised over $600 before the day was done.

Spray Park enthusiast Jet Draper won a medal for his smashing prowess
Sarah gets ready for hammer time

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