Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cardston Cougars win FP Walshe Junior Girls Volleyball tournament

Josh Davis

Fort Macleod's F.P. Walshe School hosted its junior volleyball tournament on Friday September 18 and Saturday September 19. The tournament was held at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek because FP Walshe is undergoing modernization. F.P. Walshe's Flyers took second place, defeated in the finals by Cardston's Cougars.

First place: Cardston Cougars
Due to time constraints, competing teams played only two sets instead of a best of 3 or best of 5. In the event that each team won a set, the winner was determined by who scored the most points. From partway through the quarter-finals a third set to 15 points was played to determine the winner, if necessary.



Crowsnest Pass, Livingstone, WCCHS

Game 1: F.P. Walshe vs Matthew Halton
F.P. Walshe won both sets. 25-21, 25-11

Game 2: Cardston vs St Michael’s
Each team won a set, and Cardston took the game by five points. 17-25, 25-22

Game 3: F.P. Walshe vs St Michael’s
Though one set set was close, F.P. Walshe won the game. 25-11, 26-24

Game 4: Matthew Halton vs Cardston
Cardston won two close sets to take the game. 25-20, 25-18

Game 5: Willow Creek vs Coalhurst
Coalhurst won both close sets. 25-22, 25-20

Livingstone Sabres vs Crowsnest Pass Pandas
Game 6: Livingstone vs Crowsnest Pass
After two close sets, the Crowsnest Pass girls won by two points. 21-25, 25-23

Willow Creek Cobras vs Crowsnest Pass Pandas
Game 7: Willow Creek vs Crowsnest Pass
Though defeated in the second set, the Pandas won their first set by a wide margin, and advanced.
25-14, 25-20


Game 8: Saint Michael’s vs Matthew Halton
Saint Michael’s won both sets by a wide margin. 25-18, 25-15

Game 9: Coalhurst vs Livingstone
After two close sets, Livingstone won by 2 points. 19-25, 25-17

FPW, WCCHS, Cardston, Coalhurst

Game 10: F.P. Walshe vs Cardston
F.P. Walshe lost a close first set, but then won the second by a wide margin for the game. 23-25, 25-17

Game 11: Willow Creek vs Livingstone
After two close sets, Livingstone won by two points. 25-20, 22-25

Crowsnest Pass Pandas
Game 12: Crowsnest Pass vs Coalhurst
Coalhurst won both sets by a wide margin. 25-13, 25-17

Livingstone Sabres vs Cardston Cougars
Game 13: Cardston vs Livingstone
Livingstone's Sabres put up a tough fight in the first set of the quarterfinals, but were defeated by the Cougars by a large margin in the second set. 21-25, 25-12

Game 14: St Michael’s vs Crowsnest Pass
St Michael’s Dragons won the first set of the quarterfinals by a wide margin. They were defeated in a close second set, but still won the game. 25-10, 25-27

Halton Hawks vs Coalhurst Crusaders
Game 15: Matthew Halton vs Coalhurst
From this point on games went to three sets if each team won a set. Coalhurst was briefly thrown by a streaker in the third set, but they still won their quarterfinal game. 20-25, 25-23, 12-15

Matthew Halton vs Coalhurst

FP Walshe Flyers vs Willow Creek Cobras
Game 16: F.P. Walshe vs Willow Creek
F.P. Walshe lost the first set of the quarterfinals, but easily controlled the second. The third set was close, with F.P. Walshe emerging victorious. 24-26, 25-15, 15-13

Cardston Cougars vs Coalhurst Crusaders
Game 17: Cardston vs Coalhurst
Cardston controlled both sets of this semi-final game, winning by a wide margin. 25-14, 25-6

St. Michael's Dragons vs F.P. Walshe Flyers
Game 18: St Michael’s vs F.P. Walshe
FP Walshe pulled way ahead of St Michael's, winning both sets in this semi-final game. 25-18, 25-7

FPW, STM, Cardston

Game 19 - Final: F.P. Walshe vs Cardston

Both of these teams were the best of the two days, and really deserved to make the finals. The Cardston Cougars were ferocious and had excellent teamwork, taking an early lead in the first set. The Cougars returned the tough serves Walshe had been giving other teams by working together. The Walshe girls worked hard to catch-up, but were ultimately defeated in the first set.

F.P. Walshe Flyers vs Cardston Cougars
In the second set, F.P. Walshe set out to take an early lead, working hard to stay 10 points ahead of Cardston throughout most of the set. It was a land of long volleys, with each point taking time. Walshe defended their lead and won this set.

The third set was the closest match-up of the day, with both teams trading point for point early. Cardston was one point away from victory, when F.P. Walshe caught up, 15-15. The Cougars then won two more points, the game, and the tournament 25-21, 16-25, 17-15.

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