Thursday, September 10, 2015

Final Piikani Youth Rodeo of the 2015 summer season

photos by J. Davis/C.Davis/T.Lucas

Toni Lucas

The Piikani Youth Rodeo wrapped up their summer 2015 season on Wednesday evening, September 8. The program ran every Wednesday for 2 months. Organizer Tyrone Potts explained "This is the third year with Aakom-Kiyii Health Services, it's all because of Aakom-Kiyii Health Services that we were able to make this happen." Potts said he wanted to start a positive activity for all ages in the community. "I brought it back because I thought it was something that was really good for the community." Kids from anywhere were welcome to participate, and many did. 

Josh Davis video

"We don't have youth crime in the summer when we run this program, so that's a big thing."

Each event started with an anti-drug message delivered by various people from the community, positive messages, an explanation of safety, and other rules. The program is growing ever year. "We have about 40 kids, it's crazy." The age range of participants range from 1 year old to 30. "We are really lucky, I try to match up the kids with the animals and their abilities, and we don't have any injuries," said Potts. "It gives these kids something to do, something to look forward to."

Some of the September 8, 2015 participants
"If we end up with a champion out of this, then we've done our job, and we've succeeded. That's our goal.  MacArthur David came a couple of years ago, and he's been to the Calgary Stampede, he's a champion. Lucky David too, and we have up-and-comers, and the girls are doing amazing. We will probably have 5 to 10 who come here going into the Indian Rodeo Association next year."

Potts may have championed this rodeo, and is heavily involved, however he is always quick to point out the many people who work hard to make it happen. There is a meal provided to the participants and volunteers at each event provided by Aakom-Kiyii Health Services, volunteers who bring in animals. "Jerrod Monroe, Shaylee French, Kelsie Chief Moon, Peigan CY Ranch, Mike Walter, Springpoint Colony, they made it happen and I would like to thank everybody, all the volunteers, and all the kids that help make this happen. Loralee and Fay North Peigan have really helped us along."

Prizes were awarded at then end of last Tuesday's event to all participants.

A winter schedule is in the works.  "They are thinking January, February, we will have a winter season."

"I thought it would give these kids something to do, since we don't have a hockey rink right at the moment. When we get an arena, the Cowboys will be back. We want our own arena, and we will be back, next season."

2015 Piikani Youth Rodeo ongoing every Tuesday evening

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