Monday, September 7, 2015

Gas leak at Walking Plow

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responded to a reported gas leak within the Walking Plow community, which is located south of Highway 510 (north of Cowley) at 8:19 pm on Saturday, September 6.  The homeowner reported their suspicion of a leak.  Pincher Fire Department secured the area with Engine 43 and Engine 24 and waited for the gas company to repair the line.

Deputy Chief Pat Neumann would like to remind the public a potential gas leak is a serious issue.  You can identify natural gas by the pungent, rotten egg odor that is added to it.

If you smell gas inside a building

  • Leave immediately.
  • Leave lights and appliances alone.
  • Call your gas company or 911 once you are outside

If you smell gas outside a building

  • Call 911 or the natural gas company immediately.
  • Keep people away from the area.
  • Do not smoke or light any flames.

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