Friday, September 11, 2015

Girls Volleyball - Sabres host Warriors

2015 Livingstone Sr. Girls Sabres volleyball team
J. Davis photos/video
Josh Davis

On September 9 2015 the Livingstone Sabres JV and Senior girls hosted the Kainai Warriors at Livingstone School in Lundbreck for an evening of volleyball. The Warriors were a tough team, and each game was close, but ultimately the Sabres prevailed, winning both games. This is especially impressive given that they had only had one practice, the previous evening.

The JV game went three sets, and was quite close all the way through. The Sabres won the first set 26-24. In the second set the Warriors took an early lead, but didn’t manage to hold it, and both teams ended up neck and neck with 20 points each. The Warriors won this set 25-23. The third set was similarly close, with the Warriors taking and losing a small lead. Both teams were neck and neck at 21 points, and the Sabres won it 27-25.

The Senior game went similarly, with the Warriors gaining early leads, and the Sabres showing their staying power. The Warriors were ahead by 7 points early in the first set, and though the Sabres played hard to catch up, with both teams tied 20-20 at one point, the Warriors won it 25-22. The second set went similarly, as the Warriors gained a lead early in. However, the Sabres won this set by 3 points, 25-22. This pattern did not repeat in the third set, however, with the Sabres unable to play catch up. The Warriors won this set 25-15. In the fourth set the Warriors once again gained an early lead, but the Sabres caught up quickly, with both teams tied at 17 points. The Sabres won this set 25-21. In the fifth and final set the Warriors were looking tired, and the game was suddenly quite different. The Sabres took an early lead, getting as far ahead as 12-3. The Warriors fought to catch up, with the Sabres one point from victory, but were defeated 15-12, and the Sabres took the game.

“I have an awesome, awesome team” said head coach Dawn Heerschap. “They’re great girls.” She also praised the team’s communication.

Scores at a glance:

JV sets
26-24 Sabres
25-23 Warriors
27-25 Sabres

SV sets
25-22 Warriors
25-22 Sabres
25-15 Warriors
25-21 Sabres
15-12 Sabres

2015 SV Livingstone Sabres
#5 Josee Wiebe
#12 Kori Sandeman
#6 Contessa Penner
#8 Skylar Bueckert
#14 Erin Cnossen
#10 Savannah Moore
#13 Stacey Olivieri
#16 Nikki Smyke
#11 Katie McClung

Dawn Heerschap
Anne Molnar

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