Friday, September 4, 2015

Incinerator open house appreciated

Patricia Matt, Letter to the Editor

Jumping the gun. No proposal. No money spent. Ample opportunity will be given to the public if and when a trash burner is proposed.

Comments made in reference to opposition of an incinerator at the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek landfill.

If there has been no proposal, why has it been reported that the landfill has started the process of acquiring approval and a permit from the Province and, if they receive approval, will hold open houses to make the public aware of the process?

The landfill has reported their work with a Burlington based Eco Waste Solutions company is in the preliminary stages. Unless this company is donating their time in hopes of the project proceeding, I would imagine that money has probably exchanged hands. Pincher Creek Council made a written request to the landfill association asking them to refrain from any financial commitments to the project until they have made a detailed presentation of their research to a Regional Council meeting. This request was made after Pincher Council had received a letter from a concerned citizen in the area.

To me, a proposal is a plan or an idea that is open for discussion and can be approved or rejected. Do the above mentioned actions not fall within those guidelines?

So why is the open house, held at the Cowley Community Hall on Aug 26, considered jumping the gun? This open house has made the public aware of the proposed project at an earlier stage than the landfill committee feels is necessary. Historically, for the public, it is much more beneficial to let the landfill committee and our elected officials know our feelings BEFORE approval has been received from the province and permits obtained. Historically, for the applicant, it is much more beneficial to keep the public in the dark until AFTER permission and permits have been granted.

I, for one, very much appreciated the impressive turn out by the Pass Council at the open house. I also believe that the open house has “hit a nerve”. Information has been made available to the public at a crucial stage of this controversial matter and I would like to extend my appreciation to the few who took it upon themselves to enlighten the many.

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