Friday, September 25, 2015

Junior Volleyball - B Dragons host Hawks and Eagles

St. Michael's 2015 B Girls volleyball team

Josh Davis

On Thursday September 24 St. Michael's B Division Girls Dragons volleyball team hosted the Matthew Halton B Hawks, while simultaneously B Boys Dragons hosted Lethbridge’s Immanuel Christian Eagles. The B Girls Dragons won their game against the Hawks in three sets. The B Boys Dragons were defeated by the Eagles, also within three sets.

The B girls started at 4:30. Since the Eagles hadn’t yet arrived, the second court was used by bystanders, as well as for the B Boys' warm-ups. After the B Girls finished up, their court was similarly used by bystanders while the B Boys finished their match.

The girls were neck and neck at the start of their first set, trading points until they’d earned nine each. The Dragons pulled slightly ahead at this point. However, the Hawks fought to catch up until they were at twenty points each. The Dragons pulled ahead in the race for the finish, and won the set 25-22.

The Dragons and Hawks were well matched and stayed close in the second set. The Hawks pulled ahead early, gaining a four point lead. However, the Dragons caught up and turned the tables on them, ultimately winning 25-19.

In the third set, the Dragons gained an early lead. The Hawks quickly caught up them, tying the score 14-14. Things remained close until the end. The Dragons won the set, and the game, 25-20.

The boys teams looked to be very evenly matched at the start of their game, trading points until they were tied 13-13. However, at this point the Dragons stalled out, and were ultimately defeated 25-17.

The second set was much more one-sided, and the Eagles easily won 25-8.

In the third set, the Eagles earned a slight lead early. The Dragons worked to catch up, making this an incredibly close one. Both were tied at twenty points, then again at 25 points. However, the Eagles made the final two points to win the set 27-25, and the game.

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