Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Low turnout but plenty of trash at 2015 Pincher Creek shoreline cleanup

Wendy Ryan with some of Pincher Creek's dirty laundry
Toni Lucas

Shoreline Cleanup events were held in Beaver Mines Lake and Pincher Creek on Wednesday, September 23 and Thursday September 24 respectively. Organized by Wendy Ryan in Pincher Creek, grade 10 student Brook Balazs joined the crew that consisted of, well, the two of them.  Undeterred by the small turnout, the pair headed off armed with gloves, bags, picker equipment, a sense of humour, and a dedication to improving our community.  In just a few hundred metres the two had already filled several small bags with garbage consisting of discarded clothing, cigarette butts, bottles, plastic, styrofoam, and had already marked several items too large for them to safely tackle, to be removed from the creek by Town crews at a later date. Ryan ended up hauling away approximately 40 pounds of trash at the end of the evening.

Brook and Wendy

The duo struggled to move a waterlogged sleeping bag from the water to allow it to dry out enough so it could be lifted to be discarded.  Ryan said additional work is done throughout the year by unsung heroes who pick up trash, often as they go on their daily constitutional.   For those who consider it a mark of community pride that our town is neat and tidy, take a moment and thank those who help it to be that way.

Volunteer Brook Balazs
Started in Vancouver, the Shoreline Cleanup is recognized as one of the largest direct action conservation programs, as well as the most significant contributor to the International Coastal Cleanup in Canada. This year over 1,800 cleanups have been registered between the dates of August 15 and November 30 across the country. A shoreline cleanup can take place at lakes, streams, rivers, creeks, oceans and marshes, anywhere land meets water.

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