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My summer - Caleb Evans

Quadding with my sister and Papa

Editor's note: Did you have an interesting summer?  We're paying $20 to the first 5 publishable contributions received before the end of September 30, 2015.  Send your contributions (words/photos/videos) to  The following, by our community reporter Caleb Evans, is a good example.

What I did throughout the summer

Caleb Evans

This summer passed quite fast for me, to be honest but I still did manage to do some pretty fun activities. Many of my friends think that summer vacation is too short and there’s not enough time to do anything during summer vacation. I beg to differ. Here’s what I did this summer.

Camping. This summer, I camped a grand total of 18 days! This included many trips closer to home, like Daisy May Campground, Cottonwood Campground and my Grandma’s piece of land or the “Shack”. A few of my trips though, were quite far, including Edson, Alberta and Goodsoil, Saskatchewan.

Swimming at the Pincher Creek with my family

I also did a lot of swimming, whether I would go down to the creek with friends and family or to Open Swim at the Pincher Creek Pool with friends. It is one of my favorite activities on hot summer days, which this year we had many. After swimming, I might have gone around biking or on my scooter. 

Playing 3-on-3 basketball at the Southern Alberta Summer Games
In July, I participated in the Southern Alberta Summer Games (SASG) in July. I was on the U-12 soccer team and I participated in 3 on 3 basketball with some of my friends. 

The M.D. of Pincher Creek in the SASG Athlete’s Parade

As for my job as a reporter, I went to many public events and fun things that were happening in and around Pincher Creek. I reported on the Southern Alberta Summer Games, beach volleyball at Juan Teran Park, the street dance at Central School during rodeo weekend and also the Pincher Creek Parade.

During the end of my summer, I also took a trip to Calgary and a couple trips to Lethbridge. There, I did, yes, back to school shopping. The thing no one ever wants to talk about during the summer. Those back to school commercials, they depress many children they show the reality that summer is soon going to be over. 

This backpack may not be the life-changer it claims to be - Editor

Even though summer is over, school is coming back and I’m sure all students had a great stretch of summer holidays. I sure did. Summer’s really all just about friends, family and fun. Only ten more months until we get to do it all over again!

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