Saturday, September 19, 2015

Oldman River Gun Club open house

Kuftinoff family Dan, Mikka, and Dakoda with organizer Mike Vidricaire
Toni Lucas

Oldman River Gun Club held an open house on Saturday, September 12.  Club President Dan Kuftinoff explained this was a rare opportunity for the general public to come check out the facilities. "Everyone who comes out here has to be a member, and insured under the clubs policy."  The facility offers the opportunity to sight in rifles, target practice with both rifle and pistol and experience the trap range.   The club is location just south of the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill, and began in 1971.  "They moved to here in the mid 70's, and have been here ever since.  We welcome new members throughout the year."

"We like to promote safe shooting sport, and offer a good venue for people to practice those,"  said Kuftinoff, adding the club currently has close to 200 members.  They support and work in conjunction with a number of other organizations.  They work with youth by offering a venue to youth groups who have a shooting aspect to their curriculum.   This includes the Junior Shooting Club, 4-H, and Livingstone School, to name a few.  "Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, RCMP,  all do training here.  We support youth clubs, and we have a charity shoot where a portion is donated to a needy organization."

Some Pincher Creek Southern Alberta Summer Games participants at the club last summer
(C.Davis file photos)

The club holds a league for trap shooting three nights a week, with additional times open for practice.  The rifle and pistol range is available to members sunup to sundown.

The club was one of the sites for the 2014 Southern Alberta Summer Games

"We get great support from the municipality, every year.  Whether it is through gravel, or helping us with funding, they are very supportive."  When asked what the minimum age was to join, he explained you can hunt when you are 12, and cannot own a firearm until you are 18.  "You can utilize a firearm, as long as you are under the supervision of someone has their possession acquisition license,"   $165 for an adult regular membership. There is special pricing for family and junior memberships.  If you would like to purchase a membership you can contact Rocky Mountain Yamaha in Pincher Creek or contact a club member for more information.

Facilities - basic but new and well maintained

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