Monday, September 14, 2015

Peewee Mustangs begin 2015 season on the road

PeeWee Mustangs vs LCI Rams White (in green)
Kelly Nelson photos
Coach Jeremy Nelson

Well Pincher Creek Mustangs fans, welcome to another season of PeeWee Mustangs action

We have started practices and have been since August 17th. This year to date the PeeWee mustangs have 15 very ambitious players. At our practices we have been learning to catch, throw, run, stand and the most favourite, hit, well, tackle is the proper term. Also in our practices we have been learning what to do in defence and in offence, we have learned 7 or more plays to do in offence and are having a blast running defence.

Huddle with Coach Nelson

All that practice was ready to be set in action on Thursday September 10th, when the PeeWee Mustangs hopped in their vehicles, with parents of course, and we traveled to LCI in Lethbridge for our first game, against the Rams White. As a new head coach I was very nervous.  Did I teach them how to tackle good enough to take down bigger kids?  Did we go over the plays enough that we can get the play off without any trouble?

The answer is yes, we had some trouble in the beginning, a little inexperience on my part and the kids just trying their best to do as I told them. I figured it out with the help and advice from my assistants and we were on our way. The plays were a little rough to begin with but as the game progressed you would not believe it was the same kids on the field. As for the defence side, it was very much the same way. A little rocky at the start but by the end my guys were doing group tackles, reading the plays, running across the field to take down the opposition, and getting up with smiles and excitement.

The score, which really doesn’t matter to us, was more for them then us, but let me tell you as a coach, I could not have asked for more from my kids. They performed to their best abilities and in my eyes they are all winners from that game. All I can say is that we can only go up from here in this awesome game we call football

If anyone is still on the fence about playing football, I personally invite you to come down to the football field at Mathew Halton school Monday to Wednesday after 6:00pm and we can talk. Or even better, talk to one of the players and see what they have to say.

Our home games are Thursday September 17th, Thursday September 24th and Thursday October 22nd.

Until next time,

Coach Jeremy

PeeWee Mustangs 2015 schedule:
(subject to change - most games start at 6:30 pm)

September 10 - away at LCI vs Rams White
September 17 - home vs Cardston Blue
September 24 - home vs Bulldogs
October 1 - away vs Claresholm
October 8 - away vs Coaldale Pride
October 12 - away At McMahon Stadium Calgary vs Claresholm
October 13 - away at LCI vs Rams Green
October 22 - home vs Raymond White

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