Friday, September 25, 2015

Peewee Mustangs host Lethbridge Bulldogs

Photos: J. Davis, C.Davis, Kelly Nelson

Coach Jeremy Nelson

Imagine this: It’s the second day of fall, 6:30 pm, the temperature is +23 degrees Celsius, there’s not a breath of wind, and the words "down, set, hut" echo in the air.

Well Mustang fans that was the scene on Thursday night here in Pincher Creek as we hosted the Lethbridge Bulldogs.

The game started out with the bulldogs having possession. They were able to sneak down field in around 12 yard jumps that ended with a good Mustang tackle. They finally made it into the end zone within the first 10 minutes of the game. Although my heart dropped, this gave the Mustangs the kind of boost that puts the hop in your jump and stride in your step.

Kelly Nelson photo
We were up next with offence. We didn’t find the end zone, but what we did find is that our 12 kids were able to come together and work as 1. They were able to get the plays off that I asked them to do, but the Bulldogs were able to stop us before we got 10 yards. So, we were back to defence.

Our defence has come a long way from 3 weeks ago, and yes has some room yet to go. But these kids were getting in there, making the tackles, knocking down the ball on pass plays and even getting an interception. We were able to hold the opposition back somewhat, until they got away from us again and found themselves in the end zone. But we were able to repeatedly stop the Bulldogs from gaining a third touchdown. The kids were performing great.

Kelly Nelson photo
Our offence, wow, they did an unreal job that night. I watched my kids put together the plays that got us yards, lots of yards. We had yardage gains just like the Bulldogs were doing. What a good feeling. We stuck to the plays that got us the yards. My running back and full back did an amazing job breaking the line and the linemen did exactly what they needed to do to make the holes. But the best was when the linemen held the defence, and the quarterback and all other receivers made the connection and we were able to send our wide receiver down the sideline to the end zone. This was our first touchdown, and what a great sight it was. Once again they were 12 players working as 1. We didn’t see the end zone again but we came close.

Mustang Tanner Wallace with the ball (K. Nelson photo)
Mustang Tanner Wallace with the ball (J. Davis photo)
As a team, I feel we were the most prepared for this game. At practice I had the kids practicing in the position that they were going to play in, both on offence and defence. As a coach I had better game plan this week, I was more relaxed and went in with the knowledge that my kids knew what they needed to do. Let me tell you, I think it worked; after all we did find the end zone, and that was my goal at the beginning of the week.

Mustang Hayden Many Grey Horses with the ball (J. Davis photo)
Our next game is in Claresholm, and I invite you to make the trip to watch us play up there, but if you can’t make it I will be submitting another summary to keep you all up to date

Til next time,
Coach Jeremy

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