Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Restriction imposed on Blakiston Fan at Waterton due to elk rutting season

Parks Canada photo
To avoid disturbing elk during the rutting season, Parks Canada yesterday issued a seasonal area restriction (closure) on the Blakiston Fan. The area of the Blakiston Fan is delineated in red on the map below, including east of the road past Alpine Stables and south of the Hay Barn and Entrance roads (Hwy 5), north of Middle Waterton Lake and west of the Waterton River except for the land 25 metres from the high water mark.

Parks Canada Blakiston Fan seasonal closure map
Marquis Hole Road is open to vehicles up to the barricade. Trailer units are not permitted. Hay Barn Road is open. Alpine Stables will continue to offer guided horseback rides on trails crossing the closed area, in compliance with the terms of a Restricted Access Permit.

For more information call the Waterton National Park Visitor Information Centre at 403-859-5133.

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