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Senior Mustangs defeat Fighting Rebels

2015 Pincher Creek Senior Mustangs
J. Davis photo
Josh Davis

On Friday September 25 Pincher Creek’s senior Mustangs took to Halton field to face Taber's W.R. Myers Fighting Rebels, following up on the Mustangs' 33-0 win in High River last week. This was the Mustangs' first regular season game. The weather was warm and sunny, though the wind was blowing hard in the first half. It was a close game, but the Mustangs prevailed definitively, winning 20-7.

The Mustangs started the first quarter off right with their kick team, immediately regaining possession of the ball at the 48 yard line. The Mustangs offence made good plays, getting a first down at the 32 yard line. This put them into position to get their first touchdown of the game just minutes in, carried in safely by #20 Tyler Riviere. They followed this with a successful kick. The Mustangs’ defence was looking strong, and held the Rebels at the 40 yard line, and the Mustangs swiftly regained the ball. However, the Mustangs’ offence literally dropped the ball, and the Rebels swooped in for a second chance at offence. Following a penalty, the Rebels chose to punt to the Mustangs, who managed to make some small gains and an interception before the first quarter ended.

photos by Evan "Hitman"Malhi, J. Davis, C. Davis
When the Mustangs chose to punt near centre field, #6 Jaxon Shimbasi of the Rebels caught the ball, making an impressive 30 yard run. Shimbasi followed this up with a second run, all the way to the 16 yard line. The Rebels were stopped at the 12 yard line, and the Mustangs’ offence regained possession. At the second down with three yards to go, Mustang #18 Logan Kaack ran it back to the 41 yard line. Here the Mustangs fumbled, and the Rebels pounced on this opportunity, regaining possession. The Mustangs’ defence put a great deal of pressure throughout the game on the Rebel’s quarterback, #7 Blake Bullock, forcing him to run the ball a short distance on a few occasions. The first half ended with the Mustangs still ahead 7-0. The Mustang had set the pace with their kick team and early offensive play, and then held the Rebels back with their solid defence. The Rebels had managed to make relatively steady gains against the Mustangs, however, and were comparable on defence. It was still anyone’s game.

Evan Malhi photo
Following halftime, the Mustangs kicked to the Rebels, who got their first down just off the 32 yard line. The Rebels gained some yardage, but the suffered some incomplete passes. They chose to punt the ball to the Mustangs on the 47 yard line, and got on top of the ball before the Mustangs could get there, gaining over 20 yards. They were pushed back by the Mustang’s defence, and had another incomplete pass, and the Mustangs regained possession on the 31 yard line. Kaack lost the Mustangs two yards on a hand off, and had a pass blocked by the Rebels at this point. The Mustangs then chose to punt. #8 with the Rebels, Bradley Marsden gained 8 yards here, putting his team in a great position to make a first down at the 39 yard line. The Rebels took two penalties here, taking their first down with 25 yards to go. However, the Fighting Rebels weren’t ready to give up yet, and Marsden ran the ball all the way to the 30 yard line, putting his team in position to tie up the score with #24 Even Harkness’ touchdown, and their subsequent one point convert. The Mustangs’ offence kicked it into gear following this, and #10 Shay Robertson with the Mustangs made it to the 39 yard line off the kick. #31 Caylin Jensen then took it the 20 yard line. The quarter ended when #81 Matthew Duncan caught a long pass at this point one yard from the end zone.

Evan Malhi photo
The Mustangs started the final quarter by putting through their second touchdown of the game off of a wedge. The Rebels’ offence was having trouble making gains, and #35 Ben Riviere, strictly playing defence while he recovers from a minor foot injury, took #18 David Peters down on the Rebel’s 28 yard line. However, Marsden showed that he can also play defence, making an interception in his team’s end zone, and regaining possession for his team. Ben Riviere must have noticed this, because he made sure to take him down in the next play. The Rebels continued to make steady gains as the end loomed nearer, and Marsden continued to impress, diving to the ground to make a catch on the Mustangs’ 24 yard line. However, the Rebels suffered another five yard penalty here, and they found themselves unable to break the Mustangs defence. It was second down, and five off the 60 yard line when Kaack earned the Mustangs nearly 40 yards. Following a few successful plays, #22 Bruce Kirby was right in position to get the Mustangs their third touchdown of the game with less than two minute left on the clock. The Mustangs kept the pressure up, and nearly earned a fourth touchdown against the tiring Rebels in the final play of the game.

Evan Malhi photo
Mustangs Head Coach Wayne Alexander’s dedication continues to impress, as he’s been sick all week. “Winning is nice, but it was kind of an ugly win,” said Alexander, noting that his offence was weaker than usual thanks to Ben Riviere’s minor foot injury. “I knew that it would hurt our offence a bit, since he had many reps. There were times when we had little goofy things happening in the backfield that normally wouldn’t have happened. People running into each other, and whatnot. But the highlight for me is we got it done.”

For their second regular season game the Mustangs are scheduled to travel to Claresholm to take on the Cobras on Friday, October 2, with a 7:00 pm kickoff.

2015 Senior Mustangs gallery
Photos by J. Davis, C. Davis, T. Lucas, E. Malhi

2015 Senior Mustangs Schedule:
(upcoming home games in blue, schedule subject to change)
  • Saturday August 22: Exhibition vs McCoy Colts @ Halton Field,  Score: 18-7 Mustangs
  • Friday August 28: Exhibition vs High River Mustangs @ Halton Field, Score: Wide margin win for Pincher Creek 
  • Thursday September 3: Exhibition vs Canmore Wolverines @ Halton Field, Pincher Creek, Score: 28-13 Wolverines
  • Friday September 11: Exhibition vs Cochrane Bobcats @ Bow Valley field, Score: Score: 34-19 Mustangs
  • Saturday September 19: Exhibition vs High River Mustangs in High River, Score: 33-0 Mustangs
  • Friday September 25: SAHSFL game vs Taber Rebels @ Halton Field, Pincher Creek, first regular season game, score: 20-7 Mustangs
  • Friday October 2: SAHSFL game vs Claresholm Cobras @ Claresholm, 7:00 pm kickoff
  • Thursday October 8: SAHSFL game vs Chinook Coyotes @ Halton Field, Pincher Creek, 4:30 pm kickoff
  • Tuesday October 20: Exhibition vs Chestermere Cowboys in Chestermere, 5 pm kickoff
Tentative playoff games determined at season end:
  • Friday October 29 SAHSFL Playoff
  • Saturday November 14 Provincial Quarterfinal
  • Saturday November 21 Provincial Semi-Final
  • Friday/Saturday November 27/28 Provincial Championships

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