Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Students from South America attend Livingstone Range schools

Back - Doug Wyatt,Nicholas, Tiffany, Emmanuel Silva, Front - Hayden, Angelica
T.Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Students from Cafam School in Columbia will attend various schools throughout Livingstone Range School Division as part of an international exchange program.  International Home-stay Coordinator Julie Hutchinson said this is the second year the program is running.   Seven students are here for a full semester, and an additional 11 are coming for a one month stay.  "I think it is a great opportunity for the sharing of cultures," said Hutchinson.

At this point the students come to Canada but the school system does not send any Canadian students to Columbia.  The guest students share their culture with the students of the school they are attending, and will learn about Canada in a rural setting.  The host schools are JT Foster in Nanton, Willow Creek Composite High in Claresholm, Matthew Halton High in Pincher Creek, and Crowsnest Consolidated High in Coleman.  Students Emmanuel Silva and Lev Ramírez will be spending a semester in Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass, respectively.

Emmanuel Silva
Emmanuel Silva is staying with the Wyatt family during his first semester of grade 8/9.  Being an only child, one of the first culture shocks he had to adjust to was integrating with a large busy family.  "It has been a lot of fun, but it is noisy."  Silva came from the capital city of Bogota with a population of 8.8 million people.  "Cold weather for us is 10 degrees," he said, explaining he is very excited to experience snow.  He wants to take memories of many experiences home with him, specially the experience of any and all winter sports he engages in.  He will be taking band in Matthew Halton High School while he attends, and enjoys music and playing piano.

Lev Ramírez
Lev Ramírez is also from Bogota and will be  hosted by Dave and Jen Vanderplas while he attends Crowsnest Consolidated High for his first semester of grade 10.  "Oh, it's so different here," explained Ramirez.  Just in school size he has gone from 4,000 students with an average class size of 40 - 42 students to CCHS with a student population of 300 with a large class being 33 students.  He is looking forward to learning more about Canadian culture and music and engaging and watching sports while he is here.

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