Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Take it easy


Chris Davis

It is with terrible sadness that the citizens of Crowsnest Pass, Piikani, Pincher Creek, Fort Macleod, and all those in between face this week and weeks to follow. Be strong. Look out for one another. 

STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING. Are you a problem or a solution?  Our community needs every sober adult it can find during these difficult times.

Slow down,  hold the ones you love a little closer.

Let the Police do their jobs.  Let the First Responders do their jobs. They face each of these horrible situations directly, and they need our support.  They too are being traumatized.

Help the wounded. Sooner or later we all need somebody to lean on. Be strong. Look out for one another.

Get out of the way.  If you can't help, get out of the way.

Rage is a normal response to some of the recent events in our communities.  It can't help, it can only make things worse right now, so it should be put out of the way for another day. 

Be nicer to the people you're not nice to.  Be gentler with the people you're not gentle with.

Be strong. Look out for one another. 

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