Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Town of Pincher Creek Council approves upgrades to MCC arena

Toni Lucas

During the regular meeting of Town Council on Monday, August 24, council approved an additional $22,000 in funding the MCC Arena upgrade project.  The total budget for the upgrades including the chiller and upgrades to the mechanical room were previously approved at a budget of $165,000.  The regular season opening for the MCC Arena may be delayed by 2 weeks due to the timeline of the structural reports, code reviews,  equipment delivery, and installation.

According to documents, Recreation Manager Adam Grose provided a report to Council  regarding  the project during the August Committee of the Whole meeting, at which he explained that during the tendering process for a new chiller and condenser for the MCC Arena, it became apparent the additional weight of a larger condenser required reinforcement to the roof  of the mechanical room. In addition a pre-building inspection by Superior Safety Codes in July 2015 identified the requirement to construct a self-contained vestibule into the  existing mechanical room with the ammonia monitor, emergency and heat detectors to be relocated into this room.

The current condenser is the newer piece of equipment at 26 years old.  The chiller was installed in 1979 and is 36 years old. Recreation administration are concerned that if either one failed during the season it could result in a lost season for the regular users of the arena facility.  Mayor Don Anderberg said once all of the upgrades and changes take place, "We have got an upgraded lifespan report on the arena, 10 to 20 years."

Council voted unanimously in favour of the funding request, with administration directed to request the Municipal District of Pincher Creek contribute to the cost of this project.

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