Thursday, September 17, 2015

Westwinds Boys Volleyball: Sabres defeat Blades

2015 Livingstone Sabres SV/JV Boys Volleyball team - the dedicated few
Toni Lucas

Lundbreck's Livingstone Sabres Boys JV/SV Volleyball team hosted their Nobleford Blades counterparts on Wednesday evening, September 16.  The four teams represented on the score sheets were actually made up of a total of 12 boys, six to a team, who played the entire evening, no subs.  The Sabres won 4 of the 5 sets played, but the sets were close, with one going into overtime points to a final score of 27-25 for the Sabres.  Both teams had to technically forfeit the JV game as each were playing with senior boys on the court.

Sabres Coach Coady MacDonald was very happy with how the team is doing this early in the season.  The team has gone to one pre-season tournament in Claresholm, hosted by Fort Macleod, and the Sabres made it to the finals, losing in the overtime points of the third set.  During this nacent season they have already won 2 of their games.  "They are doing really well," said MacDonald, who also coached the team last season.  The team is accepting new players and will have another home game Monday, September 21 at 6:00 pm.

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