Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Westwinds Boys Volleyball - Sabres defeat Trojans

Senior Sabres vs Trojans
Chris Davis

Lundbreck's Livingstone Sabres hosted Coalhurst's Trojans for an evening of Westwinds Volleyball on Monday, September 21.  Both teams played very competitively, with some great battles at the net throughout. The Sabres have just enough players for a junior/senior team, so the JV games were played for fun.  The Sabres won both the JV and Senior games, but not without considerable effort against strong Trojans lineups. 

Sabre Jonathan Erickson delivered approximately 10 successful serves in the first senior set, which the Sabres won 25-20.  The Sabres struggled at the beginning of the second senior set (their fifth set with no subs of the evening), with the Trojans pulling ahead early on and the Sabres working to catch up.  Sabre Brady Douglas delivered a number of successful serves, helping turn the tide. The score was tied 20-20 near the end, with the Sabres ultimately winning it 25-22.  The Trojans established a lead early on in the third set, ahead 14-20 at one point.  The score was tied 23-23 and 24-24 before the Sabres earned the necessary two-point lead to win it 26-24.

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