Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Westwinds Girls Volleyball: Cobras defeat Dragons

SV St. Michael's Dragons (foreground) vs WCCHS Cobras
Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's JV and Senior Dragons Girls hosted Claresholm's Cobras for an evening of volleyball at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium at St. Michael's School on Monday evening, September 28.  The JV Cobras won two of three sets to win their game.  The senior game went to five sets, with the Cobras ultimately earning the win.

The teams seemed very well matched in both games, but the Dragons were definitely flagging midway through the senior sets, with many of their players participating in both games, playing a total of 8 sets throughout the evening with little substitutions.  They started strong, winning the first two sets but were flagging a little as the game progressed, including a disastrous fourth set.  The first set and the final set were both decided by only two points.

JV Dragons vs JV Cobras:
25-22 Cobras
25-15 Cobras
25-14 Dragons

SV Dragons vs SV Cobras:
25-23 Dragons
25-15 Dragons
25-21 Cobras
25-9 Cobras
16-14 Cobras

 2015 Westwinds Volleyball gallery

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