Friday, September 18, 2015

Westwinds Girls Volleyball – Flyers defeat Hawks

Josh Davis

Pincher Creek's JV and SV Hawks hosted FP Walshe's Flyers on Wednesday September 16 at 6:00 for an evening of girls’ volleyball. The Flyers won both matches against the Hawks. The Hawks have four JV members, three grade eleven members, and two grade twelve members at the moment, and as a result the grade elevens played at both the JV and SV levels. This was the Hawks’ second game of the season. “We’re hoping to bring some of the grade nines up to JV as well,” said the Hawks' new coach Sarah Duncan.

In the first set of the JV game FP Walshe took an early lead. The Hawks worked hard to catch up, and made it to 19 points. The second set was less even, and the JV Hawks scored 7 points. In the third set the Hawks scored 17 points before FP Walshe took the match.

By the senior game some of the Hawks were looking a little tired. They held their ground against FP Walshe at the start of the first set, but were unable to overtake their opponents. The Hawkes appeared demoralized in the second and third sets, and FP Walshe was able to take the match.

“Right now we’re just filling in the basics, until we can get those perfected,” said Duncan. “Then we’ll start getting into some of the tricky, fancy stuff.”

“I feel like we held our own,” she continued. “We had some down moments, but we also had some strong moments too. There’s room to improve, but I’m feeling optimistic.”

“I love them, they’re great. No regrets,” Duncan said of her team. She has five years of coaching experience, and this is her first year coaching the Hawks.

JV sets
25-19 FP Walshe
25-7 FP Walshe
25-17 FP Walshe

SV sets
25-11 FP Walshe
25-7 FP Walshe
25-9 FP Walshe


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