Thursday, September 10, 2015

Youth art thriving at Lebel Mansion

Laura Pearce shows examples of the works of Emily Carr
Toni Lucas

Fifteen children came to learn more about how to draw at the Lebel Mansion in Pincher Creek on Friday afternoon, September 4.  These young art enthusiasts met Laura Pearce, who is conducting open drop-in classes on certain Friday afternoons from now until through late December for children aged 5 years and older.  Each class has a theme and Friday's was 'Painting trees like the Group of Seven'.

The class started out with the kids having a large sheet of paper in front of them.  Pearce discussed art history, Canadiana, art appreciation, colour blending, and perspective while telling the children what to draw and how to achieve the desired effects.  Pearce was excited about the class, saying "This is the first class of the new season."  Some of the kids had been to her classes last year and said they enjoy coming to learn.

Art classes are being held specific Fridays at the Lebel Mansion in cooperation of the Allied Art Council.  The next Friday afternoon children's art class is Friday, October 2 and will teach about negative space using tape on canvas.  To find out more about the programs available visit the Allied Arts website at

William and Zachary were ready to take instruction
Part way through the process

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